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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Don't Work Me!

I don’t like to be worked!
Now before anyone assumes I mean I don’t like to work, that can’t be further from the truth…With all these jobs I got…giggling…
What I mean is I don’t like anyone to work me…
Working someone is something kids specialize in,
They ask Mama,
Mama says NO, they ask Daddy,
He is clueless that Mama said no so he says Yes,
That my friends is elementary, working someone,
And as parents we expect that we just have to be savvy and vigilant hoping we stay a half step Ahead of the children,
The being worked that peeves me the most is the dishonest,
Sneaky kind, the kind that comes cloaked and disguised…
Someone hints broadly, suggesting that something is in your best interest,
Knowing all the while that the greater benefit is theirs and if they didn’t need you,
You wouldn’t even be involved in it,
Umm Hmm,
I know a few folks like that and I have found the perfect solution,
I ignore them,
Unless they come straight out and bring it,
Telling me and or asking me for what they need or want…
Mother ignores them, acts like she can’t see the flowers for the trees and don’t Understand a thing,
Like I used to tell the kiddies,
There are two answers if you ask me for or to do something,
I will either say YES,
Or I will say NO,
And you will have to accept that I have that choice,
Well you feel me…
So if you want something, need something, got to have something,
And I have the power to give it,
Just ask a sister,
I will feel like I’m being worked,
And act like I don’t even understand,

Love You Madly!


Gwyneth Bolton said...

LOL. So hustlers and folks running game need not apply? :-) Great post, sis. I think folks get so used to working folks, running game, etc, that they forget how to even come correct with it. The concept of, 'you mean all I had to do was ask,'is like a foreign language to them.


Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

That's exactly it Lady Gwyneth,
I been out there too long, game always recognize game...


Jennifer C. said...

I have kids that tried that a few times with my and husband and me. I had to school him. I said these kids see you as a fool, because I say no and they come to you and you say yes. That won't work. Ask them what did mommy say. They quit asking now, because they became hit to it.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

kids are always working it!


Yasmin said...

Whoever it was should have just asked a sista...I hope they RECOGNIZE the next time...

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

they betta, or I will act like I don't hear them...


Anonymous said...

I soooo feel you! It's elementary, like you said, but I go through it daily at work. Little do they know, I know how to 'work' around all