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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Circuitous Routes...

I am a circuitous routes, kinda woman,
What that means is that I rarely take the path that people think I should,
My reasons are not to be obstinate or to show folks I can do my own thing,
It is simply how I am wired,
What makes up the package,
I always remember when I got married,
People were up in arms, I had just graduated,
Hadnt found a career path yet,
But I got married,
Boy did I hear it from the masses,
'She will never do anything with that education'
'She will just be a wife'
'She will have a bunch of kids, then get divorced and be a single mom'
Honey did they have it to say...
My favorite one was, 'you havent even lived.'
My heart was pumping blood and beating on task,
So believe me I was alive,
I know what they meant,
I needed to 'do it' with a lot of different people, that is what went for living....get in lots of quantity, worry later about quality....giggling...
So I got married, had a couple of kids in six years, quietly got more education, worked in a variety of careers, and am gliding, sliding and smiling as I move up on thirty years married...
A few years ago a friend said to me,
"You showed us didnt you, we did all those 'living' things and now here you are in the same place we are careerwise and you got all that other good stuff, too.' umm hmm
The same has happened with my writing,
I wrote four books of grown women's fiction,
Now I am going to write for the young women,
Not many are saying, but I know they are wondering,
'Why in the world, now that this thing is taking off, is she going to go out on a limb,
and do something else?'
The funny, slick answer would be, 'Because I can.'
The truth though is that the writing I have done to this point has been,
Another one of those circutous routes,
That only made sense to me and those in the know,
I had to go on that journey,
Take that path,
Learn those lessons to get to where I am most needed,
And the littles sisters are needing me right now, big time...
And when love calls, I better answer...
In a couple of years, who knows....
Because I am a 'Circuitous Routes' kinda woman....