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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Write, Again...

Yesterday I wrote eight chapters of Schae’s Story…
Sat down and wrote until I was done with what was in my head…
I usually start writing a book right at the point, I am ending another…
So, I actually started to write this book in November,
I wrote a few chapters, sat it down and moved on,
For the past five months I would pick it up sporadically,
Write a few pages, sit it down, sometimes for weeks,
And it wasn’t because I didn’t love the story,
I do,
Not because my muse wasn’t working,
Or the story wasn’t there,
Wasn’t that at all,
I knew where I was going,
It was basically the aforementioned,
Over-scheduling and over obligated,
Yesterday for the first time in years,
I woke up with a clean calendar,
I was stunned by all the red ink, but pleased as punch,
Of course I had to go to work,
But other than that I had de-listed myself,
Had given myself room to do what I loved doing,
And though it had been a bit scary at first,
Because reinvention ain’t easy,
But it sure is necessary,
Yesterday I sat at my desk,
Eating my barbecue chicken during lunch,
And read the newspaper,
While listening to music,
Instead of answering a bunch of emails or working on tasks,
When I got home,
I didn’t go check emails, or even open snail mail,
Don’t owe a bunch of folks so mail could wait,
I sat on the couch for about an hour with my head back,
After a leisurely evening,
When I came to a place where I was tired,
I didn’t force myself to go further,
I went to bed…
Because I knew tomorrow was another day,
I could get used to this…

Love and Blessings,