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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hard Truths...

One of the most difficult things in the world is acceptance of truth,
Particularly, when it is a truth that is painful or one we wish were different,
Last night when I sat in church, my pastor was truth-telling,
And I could see he was ministering as much to himself as to us,
Because we all struggle, when we have to admit a thing is different than what it is,
I have had to face that so many times in my life,
Most especially, when I decided to write books,
I knew initially what I was trying to do, I think,
And I did that, but after listening, I was unsure,
So I tried to do something else, and it felt false to me,
But I limped through it, hoping against hope it would work,
It actually did, but not in a way that was right for me,
So I pumped the brakes, stopped short, went back to the truth,
My truth, boy, was it painful, folks were calling me a fool,
Sometimes, almost in my face, but it was good pain,
So I went back to doing what I was meant to do and how I was meant to do it,
And I can see where I was going and loving how it looks,
A Hard Truth,
The same is true with my people,
I have some ties that are as shredded as the strings in old tennis shoes,
I feel that if the next time I put them on and tie them, they are going to fall apart in my hand,
So I leave them in the closet, not wearing them because I know, I need knew running shoes,
Hard Truth,
The good thing about Hard Truths though is this,
When you learn it, you learn it,
And only speaking for me,
I make sure that whenever I see the path that leads down that road,
I know that I only need the truth to set me free once,
So I go another route,
It may take a bit longer to get where I am going,
But man is it a more enjoyable journey....