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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Years ago on this very blog, Gwyneth Bolton called me a Provocative Womanist and I embraced that, because I guess anyone who is as honest as I am is provocative and I am passionate about issues that concern women, especially growing women. Because while growing women are being educated at ever increasing rates, they arent learning how to love themselves properly. Far too many educated, smart women are taking all kinds of madness to be coupled, in the pursuit of love and sex. They are laying down with men they know don't love them and who in many cases are openly involved with other women because they want to be held and loved. But baby girls, that isnt being loved, that is being sexed...and the two aren't the same thing. Even more disheartening to me is how much they are disrespecting other women, calling them the b word and literally fighting them in the streets and always feeling in competition with the next women, without realizing how much more respected we would all be if we were about listening to our sisters, being there for them, helping them in the things they don't know and learning from them the things we don't know. I watched my mom and her sisters and her friends and they were about each other. They collectively took care of the children and when one of them had a dollar all of them had a dollar. They fussed and cussed but never let the sun go down on the love they had for each other. I feel that way about my sister and my friends. We squabble and take rests one from the other, sometimes. But we pray for each other and together we laugh at our own shortcomings with each other and we don't stand for anyone bringing harm to the other. I have been in a few situation where drama crept in, and my first thing to do was try to make peace, when that doesnt work, I make haste and move on. I can love you from afar, but I dont roll with mess. We have too much to do, too many growing women,to teach, nurture, inspire and be models for and if they see us in our mess, how do they escape messiness. Even when writing fiction my goal is to CREATE provocative, flawed, women who mess up and have friends who hold them accountable and who hold the growing women the same. It is a cold world out there and sometimes, every now and then, we all need that sister, friend we can call and just be ourselves with and if we return that and they return that and on and on, it is so amazing what we can do and how we can raise these children of ours. So yes, Provocative Woman I am... PLEASE PREORDER: