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Monday, August 31, 2009


The realest truth is that God trys us and blesses us most when we are prepared...
I have lived a life filled with trials and triumphs,
More triumphs than the law should allow, considering...thank God it is not up to the law...but to God...I have also had some trials that according to some, many could not have survived intact...but here I am...
But the best times are now,
The last several weeks have been filled with,
Lessons and Blessings,
And the beautiful thing is that I have learned to be grateful for all of them,
Not thrilled with them all,
But grateful,
And I know that if some of the trials had occurred even five years ago,
I would have cuckoo for real,
Or even if some of the triumphs had come then,
I would have been looking a gift horse in the mouth,
And looking over my shoulder,
But, thanks be to God,
I can now deal with what comes my way,
Good, Bad and Indifferent,
With a modicum of class....grinning...
And not completely,
Show my behind,
As mama would say when things arent going well,
Or miss my blessings by being suspicious,
As I was once prone to do,
I can pray fervently,
Knowing that it is already done,
And be glad that I have,
Had enough sense to get prepared!
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Friday, August 28, 2009


My man and I returned yesterday from a wonderful time in the Carribbean,
Time alone and doing what we wanted, when we wanted,
However, I must confess, I wanted to check in at home...
I had left my blackberry home and my man had taken his Iphone,
But only for emergencies...
There were a couple of times that I wanted him to check,
But he refused every time,
And I am grateful...
So grateful,
Because if there is one thing,
I have to learn is this,
I have to accept the reality,
That there is not a darn thing, I can do about anything,
Or about anyone,
Other than work on myself,
I can pray for others,
I can donate in the time of need,
I can love on 'em,
And be there for them,
But the reality is that until a person or persons is ready to be,
Which means accepting that it is not about them at all,
But about God's work in them and throuht them,
I will have to accept their decisions,
And allow them to go through,
Until they get it...
It is so hard, but I am ready for it,
Well mostly,
Thanks to God,
I have a man who loves me enough,
To call me out when I need it,
And to remind me that as I often say,
'To sprinkle them with love and prayer, like holy water,
And allow God to work'...



Friday, August 21, 2009


Taking a much needed Siesta, but will be back in full force next Friday. Make sure you pick up your copy of MRS. BLACK @ WWW.ANGELIAVMENCHAN.COM



Thursday, August 20, 2009


I crawled out of bed this morning, tired,
As I sat on the side of the bed praying,
I always pray before I do anything….
I thanked God for the trials and the blessings,
And asked him to do his will,
Of course he did,
When I got to work,
I discovered my Blog had been nominated in the,
Best Writing category,
Then I opened up the song,
My son, music impresario, DeepDuval,
Had written for Mrs. Black?
Entitled, Mrs. Black (What Happens),
Oh my God,
What a blessing…
So grateful and to top it off,
In three hours I will be on vacation,
Until September 1, 2009,
Whoever thinks that God is not in the Blessing business,
Better ask somebody,
Hey ask Me!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Next...

Today I got my proof copy for Mrs. Black,
Believe it or not it is my eighth book in 3.5 years,
Some of my books have done well...
Cinnamon's Universe and Is NO Not Clear Enough For You?
Being the bestsellers bar none,
Others sell after the other two have been read,
It really doesn't matter, what does matter is that I get to do something I love,
That I can afford to do, and that brings joy to me and a few people,
And also allows me to take trips hither and yon,
Life is good...
I am watching my daughter-in-love read Mrs. Black,
And I love the intensity on her face,
The way she doesn't even hear us when we speak to her,
For flipping the pages,
The same thing happened last night a church,
I looked up and a woman was holding up a copy of Schae's Story,
She looked to be seventy,
And she told me how much she loved it,
She had read one of the proof copies,
So she mentioned the typesetting,
I explained to her what had occurred,
She smiled and said again, She loved it,
I turned back to what I was doing,
Playing with my Princessa before church started and,
I looked up and the woman was in front of me,
Asking about other books and where she could find them,
I slid her my card and smiled inside my very tired soul,
This has been one of the hardest weeks I have had since my mother died,
Emotionally spent,
But one of the best,
Becasue all the way through it God has been in my ear,
Telling me what to say,
How to say it,
And not to apolgize for having said it,
Beyond my dreams....




I realized yesterday that I need a Mentor’s break,
I am all mentored out,
I am not getting out of the game, but I am changing the game,
And reevaluating what it is I have to give to the cause,
I guess mentoring is in my blood,
My grandmother had ten children of her own,
But she always found a way to feed and love others,
While providing spiritual guidance,
My mama was known as the place to go for good food,
And solid advice,
That was not only valuable but funny,
So, naturally mentoring is what I do,
Since fourth grade when I was teaching second graders to read, add and subtract,
I have been mentoring,
However, in the past couple of years I have gotten tired,
I have taken on in some cases grown women,
Who have already made decisions about their lives,
And as such, it seems my role became that of surrogate mother,
And I wasn’t needed so much as a mentor,
But as someone to cosign on the madness,
And I can’t do that,
Because to do that is a disservice to me,
And to them,
I know that I need to seek out younger mentees,
Young women who are at the age before,
They are convinced they already know,
And where there aren’t a gang of hidden agendas,
But first I want to revel in this new role of mine,
As grandmother, Nana,
I have this new baby who is the delight of my life,
She is new and open to being taught,
Spiritually and educationally,
And I intend to participate in that to the greatest extent possible,
Then I will go out again,
And get my mentor on,
But for now, I am gonna be Nana….


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When A Woman's Fed Up!

What happens when a woman who spent thirty years married to a serial cheater decides she has had enough,

A sister is fed up…Cinnamon Dubois married William Brown and for over twenty years they traveled the world to support his career. However, when they returned to Center City, Florida, Cinnamon was about to be reborn. Brown had spent years with his little sexual flings, while Cinnamon pretended she didn’t know, raising the kids being the beautiful woman of the Manor. But aging and returning home changed her, her mother died, her daughter came out of the closet, and most importantly her friend from high school, multimillionaire, Malcolm Douglass Black was there…waiting…

Black had been in love with Cinnamon since she was fourteen and he was eighteen, but for many reasons they had not hooked up, when he was ready he discovered, she was engaged to his friend, William Brown, who had known he was coming home to ask for Cinnamon’s hand in marriage….
Well for years Black waited, feening for that woman, being there for her in ways that Brown never was, what he had not prepared for was Cinnamon’s feelings, she wanted and loved him as much as he loved her. So much so, she compromised all she had to be with home, love him, but she would never leave Brown, no matter what, or would she?

After two years of celibacy, Black is ready to move on, he is tired and lonely, he wants a Mrs. Black….

Brown has once again decided to do his own thing, even though Cinnamon has given him an ultimatum, will he do what he wants and what will Cinnamon do?

Cinnamon is a woman fed up, with choices to make, will she leave Brown, becoming Mrs. Black or will she decide she can do ‘good’ all by herself and leave them both alone?

Only by reading Mrs. Black? will you find out the truth and so much more.



Monday, August 17, 2009


Going on recent events, I am going to step out on a limb and assume one of the hardest things for people to do, is wait, be patient and or give something up,
Most of us pray for things we WANT,
Then when they don’t occur or don’t occur as we want them to,
We get upset, work the nerves of everybody around us,
And still don’t get nothing,
And the reason is simple,
That is not how prayer works,
GOD works in his own time frame,
And he and only he determines what is best,
Sometimes you don’t get what you pray for because it is not time,
And or there may be another lesson for you to learn,
A lot of times the reasons we stay in so much turmoil,
Is because we continue to do the same $#@&,
And of course we are going to get the same results,
Promises made in prayer have to be kept,
And then we have to realize we may be praying for the wrong things,
For two years I prayed to leave this job,
But, for whatever reason I got up and came in every day,
I even got a promotion and two bonuses,
And that was just through Grace,
Because had it depended on what I was praying for,
Or my attitude,
I probably wouldn’t have a job today,
But God knew and he tapped me on my head and other points,
And hard,
Then when I was just about raggedy,
He slowed it down,
And blessed me over and over again,
Because he knew I had been through,
Enough for that lesson,
And he had to get me ready for the next battle,
So I am saying this,
Sometimes you have to wait,
Sometimes you have to be patient,
Sometimes you have to give up some things,
And oftentimes you will not get what you want,
But you will get what you need…
But don’t listen to me,
I am just battle savvy and ready to share my own,
To save you some steps…
But hey do you!

Love and Blessings!


Saturday, August 15, 2009


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Will Malcolm Black finally get the woman of his dreams or will he tire of waitin
and find someone else to be Mrs. Black?

Will William Brown finally get his comeuppance and have to pay the piper or will Cinnamon Brown find it in her heart to forgive and look the other way one more time?

Will Cinnamon finally choose Malcolm Black, or will she stay with William Brown no matter what....or will she relax and let them both go.

Mrs. Black answers these questions and more. Center City's major players are about to shake things up and get shook!



Friday, August 14, 2009


There is something so sad and almost pitiful about people who have given up,
Gotten out of the game,
Like the very smart, extremely talented young man who has made a series of poor decisions,
And instead of restructuring,
He feels sorry for himself and spends years doing nothing,
And is mad at the world for his own defeats,
Not realizing that it is in him through God's Grace,
To get up any day and start anew,
But unwilling to crawl before he walks,
Because he thinks he is too good for that,
When he has nothing....Settling...
Or the woman who thinks that it is all about a man,
And if she can't get that man,
She doesn't want anything,
Or she decides she will take anything,
She can get,
Then wakes up one day realizing that years have passed by,
And she looks as old as she feels because of,
God provides all of us with unique sets of talents,
And it is up to us to make the best of what we have,
WE must focus on being that best that GOD has made,
Not comparing ourselves to others,
Or bemoaning anyone else's blesses,
God Blesses us with that which he thinks we can handle,
And it is entirely up to us, with HIS permission,
To make the best of it,
Or we can feel sorry for ourselves,
And waste precious hours, days, weeks, months, years,
And then waking up one day or not waking up and wondering where,
All the time went...
Dont settle...


MRS. BLACK? September 11, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Yesterday was one of those days when my blessings ran me down and took me over,
I am in the fiscal year at work and prepping for vacation, so I have been working like Harriet Tubman, on a mission,
I have a new book coming out…YAY MRS. BLACK? is at the printers and almost ready, for it’s September 11, 2009 debut,
Also, I am blessed to have my Princessa at the house and be part of her life,
And God, I am hormonal…
So yesterday about eleven I knew that I was right at the shut-down mode,
Everything was bugging me,
Stuff that usually just got brushed off my shoulder,
Such as the IT person rebooting the system,
Without warning in the middle of a report I had been working on since,
5:45 am,
And me losing the whole thing,
Not to mention the fact that an agreement for 200K imploded into bits after weeks and weeks of work…and it was over 95 degrees outside and the ac was acting up…
So I got my gear,
Franklin Covey planner and took my butt home,
When I got there I kissed my baby, cooed a bit,
Ate a sandwich and climbed into my bed,
Three hours later,
I was brand new,
Thanking God for taking me to it,
And bringing me through and grateful,
That I am in the game in order to have all these blessings,
Then last night I heard my Pastor sing, these words:
It’s a good day!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Love is a word that is bandied about and as the old people used to say,
Covers a multitude of sins,
I am not one to fall in love easily,
I am not all over a person, telling how much I love them,
Within minutes of meeting them,
Even as a teenaged girl, I didn’t fall gaa gaa,
Over nobody, just weird I guess,
But when I fell in love,
You best believe I was in love,
From the top of my curly head,
Down to my red toenails,
Ain’t nothing changed, when I loves you I loves you,
And you can consider yourself love,
I thank God that I have been so fortunate,
As to never be in love with a man that was not even,
Trying to love me,
I have seen that time and again,
Especially with my young sisters,
They are so in love,
It don’t matter if the man tells them he doesn’t love,
Or if he has six women and twelve babies,
And please don’t let him be foine and be able to dribble a ball,
And spit a few verses,
Lord, have mercy on us all,
Everyday I pray fervently for these young sisters,
Asking for guidance for them and for them to channel their energies,
Into being spiritual, smart and open to GOOD LOVE,
When it presents itself,
And to stop looking at that small basket of men,
That everybody is checking for,
It is already such, in the African-American community,
That women great out number men,
And take my word for it,
If a young brother has got it going on like that,
They are at him in droves,
And please, please, please if he is married,
Or committed to another woman,
Don’t sit on the fence waiting and hoping your turn will come,
Cause, you know what,
There is a good chance if something happens to the relationship he is in,
He just might choose someone else,
And there you are sitting on the fence like a scarecrow,
I am not trying to be harsh,
But real and protect your hearts,
Because there is love out there,
And relationships out there,
So be dignified,
Don’t give away your goodies,
To someone who is undeserving or otherwise,
Realize that you are worth more than your weight in Gold,
And that wishing on a dream,
Especially when your dreams have the potential to hurt others,
Can turn into a nightmare,
And loneliness….



Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Will Malcolm Black finally get the woman of his dreams or will he tire of waiting and find someone else to be Mrs. Black?

Will William Brown finally get his comeuppance and have to pay the piper or will Cinnamon Brown find it in her heart to forgive and look the other way one more time?

Will Cinnamon finally choose Malcolm Black, or will she stay with William Brown no matter what....or will she relax and let them both go.

Mrs. Black answers these questions and more. Center City's major players are about to shake things up and get shook!


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I am going to assume that one of the hardest things for people to do is keep things to themselves…not me, I can keep a secret and I sure enough know how to be quiet about my own business…in fact many people in my family have gotten mad over the years because I don’t share enough, but one thing I know is that those, ‘Who run tell that…’ are begging for trouble and my thoughts are if you tell all your own business, how the hail, can I trust you with mine,

When I came to my current office ten years ago, there was a woman who started about an hour before everyone else,
If she’d had a good night, all was cool,
But if she hadn’t, she would lie in wait,
And tell anyone who would listen,
Her business, their business, anyone’s business,
People would close their doors and run when they saw her coming,
However, I knew I would have to address it with her,
One morning, I simply told her, ‘Please don’t include me in gossip or anything that is not relevant to me to do my job…’ she was a bit taken aback,
But she respected that and for the next couple years until she left,
We were friendly,

I see it all around me, people seeking validation and needing someone to agree with them,
Co-sign on their madness, so to speak,
So they run here, run there, run everywhere,
Trying to find someone, to say,
‘You are okay’
‘I believe you’
‘I love you’
‘You the bomb’
‘I know that’s right’
But I am here to tell you that it is not always going to happen,
And that the best kind of validation is validation of self,
Because we will never, never, ever, find anyone,
Who will agree with us on all things,
If they do, look out, they are gaming,
For real,
The harder thing to realize is that if enough people feel the same way,
About how you are doing,
There might,
Just might,
And may be,
Something to it,
But you have to be just a little bit quiet,
And discerning to notice that,
Yes, this is a Mama Deep Ramble for real.
Take from it what you can use,
And the rest toss it over your shoulder,
It will land on someone else!



Monday, August 10, 2009


I am always intrigued with how people view me…
Yesterday one of my friends was watching me and my man with our Princessa,
And the observation was made that we are always in a good mood,
I smiled and said, ‘No we aren’t…’
She then told me that she hadn’t seen me in a bad mood,
I told her this, ‘But you have seen me quiet…’
I went on to explain that I decided through spiritual guidance that,
My attitude is the one thing I have control over,
And there was a time when I had an ATTITUDE…for real,
But I had to come to the understanding that not only how I acted,
Affect other people, but it affected my blessings,
Walking around all the time with my butt on my shoulder,
And feeling the need to always get people straight,
And to make sure I have the last word,
Was exhausting as all get out and so demoralizing,
When my attitude changed, my life changed and my blessings increased,
Now as to my man,
He is a soldier,
So he knows how to handle himself,
And those around him,
And he like me know when to go away to a quiet place,
Until he is ready to ‘act right’…
I can think of times,
When we are both feeling funky,
He sits on the couch flipping channels or go into his office,
And work on designs or something,
I usually crawl in my bed with a book and nap,
Or go to my office and put the crazies in my head on paper,
Other times we can sit side by side, saying nothing,
My head in a book,
His eyes on the tv,
Then after awhile, one will say,
‘Are you hungry…’
The other responds,
‘I can eat…’
That means we are human again, our attitudes are in check,
And we can go out and face the world,
In a good mood,
Because no one deserves to see us funky,
That be our business…JUST US...


Friday, August 7, 2009


I woke up early this morning, thinking about me, recognizing my faults, imperfections, idiosyncrasies, shortcomings and mess...and I smiled, because what I know for sure is that God is working on me and in me and though I may not be all I need to be or can be, I am hella better than I was and I am open to change....keep me in prayer...



Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm Getting Girls...

As all of you who know me know, I have two sons, extremely bright, artistic, complicated, MEN...
I have mentored girls, have a sister and a plethora of nieces and mentees,
But never a daughter,
However, my son, their husband and father is in career transistion,
And they are going to be with me Nana, and my man, Papa...that is what they call us,
For a little while,
We are going to pick them up in the morning,
And drive back tomorrow,
I am so excited,
I spent the day papering the wall with their pictures and painting it a nice shade of beigey pink,
I also shopped for strawberries, bananas, pepsi and lays original potatos chips,
My daughter in laws favorites,
My husband and I are so excited,
Me mostly, because for the first time I will not be the only female,
And I will have divas in training in my home,
I feel so blessed....
God is Great....
Arent they lovely....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009




Ramblings: Volume One: A Blogged Book is not a very big book, but I did not rush to read it. My reason goes back to thinking each piece was food for thought. There is a meaning on each page, however the only one who will receive the lesson is the person who can best relate to it. I believe there is a message for everyone. I hope that all who are meant to be blessed with unforced, non-judgmental life skills, or a simple reinforcement of the right way is the way that best suits you will pick up Ramblings. I recommend it to everyone, young and old.

Jennifer Coissiere
APOOO BookClub

Angelia has done it again! It took me a while to write a review because this is a book that you can read straight through. When reading each blog, you have ponder and meditate on it. My husband has started reading Ramblings. I can't believe it, he's not a big reader. He said that he enjoyed reading this book. He said that Mrs. Menchan's words are the truth. There are several blogs that are my favorite, "Emotional and Unprepared", "Bound or Free". I'm only halfway through the book. I've called and had discussions about different blogs with my friends. I really love this book. I will be purchasing some more books for my friends and families as gifts. Thank you Mrs. Menchan for sharing your thoughts and wisdom with us. I look forward to your next book.

Rhonda Gilbert
Avid Reader



Monday, August 3, 2009


Almost two years ago, I wrote a post about being emotional and unprepared,
And after a couple of encounters this morning I was going to repost it,
But I said, heck no, Mama Deep surely needs to touch on it,
But in a different way,
My young people I will have to say to you,
That emotional decisions will leave you unprepared,
Unprepared to live your best life and do what you are inherently talented enough to do,
Choosing a mate based strictly on emotions,
Is foolish,
You have to know who they are,
What they are about,
What they want out of life,
Can they be faithful,
Handle their money,
That is why the old folks used to always do complete background checks before,
They allowed their daughters and sons to hook up,
Being emotional with your money will leave you broke as hell,
Of course those designer jeans or shoes,
Will make you look as fly as all get out,
But you know what, placing that 100 dollars a month in a saving account,
Will net you about 1500 a year with interest and in ten years,
Well do the math,
You will be prepared,
And one more thing,
You have to know that once you make those emotional choices,
Falling for the sister with the round hips,
Or the brother with the wide shoulders,
Or bought those designer things with rent money,
That those are your choices,
And you will have to live with them,
So if your choices are EMOTIONAL,
Be PREPARED to deal with the consequences,
Take this for what it’s worth,