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Monday, September 15, 2008

That's Acceptable

One of the best things a loved one, family or friend can offer,
Is Acceptance,
Acceptance of your differences,
Your opinions and your choices,
Realizing that you have to right to do well or to mess up and learn from,
The mess,
Support while accepting is also amazing,
While going on this literary journey,
What has gotten me through was acceptance and support,
I remember penning my first novel, ‘Black’s Obsession’…
That was a little something, something, I was doing to prove I could write,
I could but not well,
But I knew I had stories to tell,
What was so beautiful, was how so many people,
Family, friends and new readers, accepted what I had done,
And supported me by telling everyone who would listen,
It was so funny because that was my baby, with the most challenges,
But one night I sat in a room of readers who had read all my work,
And they chose that as their favorite…because with the challenges,
They had been able to see the heart and soul of the work!
Those people also made it easier when others took me to task about something,
They would get up in arms, ready to do battle with anyone who took me, or Black or Cinnamon on…they acted as though me and my characters were the family members and,
No one had better mess with them,
I can remember so many times I was tentative about promoting my work,
Fearful because of something,
I remember one of the hardest time was when I allowed a friend to read a synopsis,
And when she was telling me about it, I could see how difficult it was for her to deal with The subject matter, there were a few cuss words, in that book, for real,
I was waiting for her to sprinkle holy water on me,
But when I got home and spoke to my husband, my sons and to my loyal friends and readers,
They wrapped their arms and told me,
‘Forget that, you know what you are doing and when and if God decides for you to do something different, he will guide you…so true.”
Then they all got their hustle on, to help me sell more books,
I am so grateful for such Acceptance,
And love….

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