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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I often ask myself is it possible for evolution to take it’s natural course,
Now I don’t mean that kind of evolution,
But the evolution of allowing things to evolve…
New person comes to office, before lunchtime, a few people have stopped by to fill the person in, give them the 411 if you will,
They can not wait for the person to get his or her feet wet,
Be allowed to sit still, letting the natural course of things occur,
Uh uh, heck to the no…
They have to fill it in…
Tell it all, open all the closet doors, kicking the skeletons out for all to see…
What is up with that…
I can remember ten years ago, when I came to this office.
Within the first day, someone tried to fill me in,
Hip me to what was,
I kindly, gently, yet firmly told them,
“We will see, I like to take my time, form my own opinions…”
She and I laughed years later about that and how she wished had taken that path…
A few days later another woman decided to give me personal info on coworkers,
Before she could get very far, I asked her why?
Her response was so that I could know what I was dealing with!
I informed her that I hadn’t come to work to get married, or to find best friends,
All I cared to know was could they handle their business,
While at work,
Otherwise I wasn’t interested,
That set the tone of our relationship forever…
Thank God!
For the life of me I just don’t get why folks can’t simply mind their own,
Allowing others to mind their own…
Giving people credit for having enough sense,
To ultimately figure it all out…

Just Wondering, if anyone knows, Holla!