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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Company You Keep...

Most parents talk to their kids about the company they keep, we all want our children to have the best associations possible and not get mixed in with the wrong crowd, and as parents that is what we should teach...
However, we have to be very careful in parlaying the message,
Because as I look around me, many people see that as a way to snub others, look down upon those who aren't doing as well as we are...or they are...
Surely, all we meant is to stay away from trouble and troublemakers,
But that does not mean to not reach out to those who are struggling, or who are in need or who are going through something...or have been through something...what we have to realize is that we just might be the catalyst of change or of acceptance they need...

Last week, I was in my hometown and I stopped by to see someone who I had known all my life,
She has had a pretty hard life, made some choices that weren't good for her and probably will make others...but she is in a transitional phase...she knows there are things she needs to do differently...and as she said to me, sometimes just having someone like me stop by encourages her...I was a bit taken aback by the someone like me comment...I needed her to explain that to me....she had no problem doing so;
'Girl U know what I mean. You are doing good, life is treating you well, but everytime you roll through here, you stop and talk. Most importantly I never see any judgment in your eyes, even when you see us caught up in something you wouldn't do. I appreciate that, we talk about you all the still the same...'

That touched me, but I said, 'Of course I am the same, how could I be anything else, we all from this place and though we are all blessed in different ways, we are all blessed, we just have to understand that the blessings are different and realize that we need to do what we can, even if it is something as simple as conversation...'

She told me, 'Well most don't feel like that, many roll through here like they never ran up and down these streets barefoot...' I knew what she meant, but I also knew and told her not to take that personal because the only ones they are fooling are themselves and if anything can be learned from these global economic times is this, 'In the twinkling of an eye, all the 'THINGS' that separate us and make many feel better can all be swept away...and when that is all gone, we all need to be able to step back home and be accepted with open, loving arms...' She and I smiled into the others faces...embraced and I drove away, smiling at our conversation...


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