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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Last night I lay thinking about all the things we are not teaching our children, our daugthers~
And how that lack of teaching is generationally perpetuated,
Sometimes I look at young girls all dressed up in fake finery,
Because they have been taught to 'look good'~
But when I look close there are so many things awry,
Like basic hygiene,
Not being taught to self care or self protect,
I recall being a young girl and my mother teaching me about lotion for my skin,
And becoming a pre-teen and being taught about deodorant and other feminine hygiene issues, even becoming a young woman and being asked by my godmother if I were sexually active and after telling her no, and hearing her sigh of relief, knowing that I had listened to them tell me to be careful and discerning~
Listening as she gave me some practical and a bit graphic information,
I was slightly uncomfortable but am I glad now~
I have to wonder what happened to all those conversations,
Between women of the generations~
I talk to so many young women who have had sex with a series of guys,
Without benefit of protection or information,
And leaving themselves exposed to a plethora of things,
Is it because mothers, aunts, godmothers and the like are too busy,
Or is it because many of them were so young themselves, they dont even know what to impart~
I know that telling them things will not insure they follow it to the letter,
But I kid you not, having the information leaves them with choices and a feeling that there is somewhere to go to find out~
It breaks my heart what these otherwise smart girls dont know~
They also need to know how to handle their finances,
And to be taught that babies are a blessing,
But that they are also entitled to be women and not just mothers,
That it is okay to self care,
Because for real, they can't take care of anyone else, if they themselves are uncared for~
As I write this I want to thank the women in my life who taught me and loved me,
My mama, Ora Lee Vernon
My aunt, Elouise Vernon,
My godmother, Eva Mae Jackson,
My grandmother, Mary Alice Vernon,
And today my mother-in-law, who through conversations we are teaching each other,
I am here to tell you there is nothing like it,