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Friday, July 10, 2009


I always wonder what people think about before they take a course of action...
Who do they consider...
If they think about the consequences of what they do and how they will affect others...
I have always tried to do that,
I can remember as a teen,
I would think if I did that it will reflect badly on my mom,
I actually thought about stuff like that,
Once I became a wife, I considered my husband,
He was a soldier and what family did reflected on a husband,
So I tried to handle myself accordingly,
Once I became a mother,
I thought of the same things,
How will this affect my kids,
If I quit my job,
Will my kids be impacted,
Thoughts like that immediately changed what I wanted to do,
To what I had to do,
Recently I watched a documentary,
About the families and lives that killers touch,
It was focused on do people consider the families of the people they kill,
And even begin to understand the devastation they leave behind,
Of course they don't,
Because it seems we are caught up in a world of,
I believe that if we sat still and considered our actions,
And how they impacted others, it would force us,
To make better decisions,
Because thinking about a thing and it's ramifications,
Have saved me from a lot of things,
Job losses,
Possible divorce,
Maybe even jail time,
Because I tell you what there have been some times,
When grabbing my purse and leaving my job,
Seemed the thing to do,
But I considered,
Or times when marriage was one of those downswings,
And my darkside said,
Girl leave his azz, you don't need this,
But I considered...
And there have been a few times,
When I wanted to straight up beat someone down,
Down to the ground,
But I considered,
Thought about the consequences of my actions and the potential,
Harm they would cause to the lives of the ones I love,
And I made a different choice...
Just a little consideration goes along way....