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Monday, June 16, 2008

Having Heart...

Yesterday I was sitting in church in my hometown of Ocala, Florida…
It was father’s day and my husband and I were there to honor him and his father…
Good men both,
However, the pastor’s sermon probably resonated more with me than the men in my life,
The pastor spoke about having ‘Heart’…
Not having Heart is the kiss of death with young folks,
When a young person tell you, you don’t have heart, take it from me, you have summarily been cussed out…
The sermon was more along the lines of having heart for something,
In this case our faith and worship,
The most poignant part of the message for me however was when he spoke about,
Being a football player in the mid seventies at a small college in Alabama,
And all the egregious things he heard and witnessed,
He expounded on how he saw his coaches run a team member practically to death,
Then when he was used up, they kicked him off the team,
He discussed how this impacted and changed him,
He recalled how the coaches called him in at a later date,
Saying how they had noticed a change in him,
Telling him, that while he was still a stellar, ball player and team leader, etc.
They could see a change in him, something about him was different,
He simply answered,
“I no longer have the heart for the team…”
His words rained down on me…
Because I have been there a time or two,
Working my butt off, getting accolades, commendations and promotions,
But going home at the end of the day exhausted and not understanding why,
Yesterday I saw it clearly,
It’s because sometimes we are doing everything we can to excel,
Be the best,
And we are reaping rewards that feel like ashes,
And we wonder why,
I have come to the conclusion,
It just simply might be, we no longer have the heart for it!

Love, Peace and HEARTFELT blessings,