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Friday, November 16, 2007

What's A Sister to Do...

When women talk,
I listen,
So many of my sisters, beg the question...
What's a Sister to Do?
I'm telling you women got it going on these days,
Like nobody's business,
But in so many ways they are stuck between a rock,
And a hard place,
Wait, hold up, many these days can't get to a hard place...
If you are following me,
There are a lot of lonely sisters,
And it's hard to say why...
The one bug-a-boo...
Seems to be the aforementioned.
Sisters got it going on...
And that seems to be a problem...
A big problem,
For a lot of brothers and even other sisters,
If she is successful,
Can easily support herself,
How does she tread the murky waters between,
How much she is worth,
And how much she should be worth...
Does she pretend her accomplishments are nothing,
In order to get that love in her life,
That she is finally willing to admit she wants,
Or does she continue to act like she doesn't want it,
Surrounding herself with accomplishments,
And personal purchases,

When I have these conversations with my sisters,
I am stumped,
Because it all leads back to the 'having it all syndrome'
And as I have said here, having it all usually doesn't occur,
All at once,
It is a long-haul project,
Rife with waiting, patience and prioritizing,
But even when that occurs,
As so many sisters tell me,
There really, still is no proverbial, 'pot of gold'...
The question, is still,
"What's A Sister to Do?"

Love and Blessings,