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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You Gotta Respect That!

One thing I respect is the truth,
Even when the truth is something I don't necessarily want to hear, I appreciate it,
This morning I was floating around cyberspace and I saw someone's response to someone else,
Continually sending them information about their book...
I am paraphrasing here but it went something like this;
'You have sent me this info several times and if anything having you continually send it will probably cause me not to buy your book...' Enuf said...I smiled because it had been addressed directly to the person and was on point and kindly stated...
I learned that lesson a long time ago...
I had joined this group, was an active participant, but periodically, myself and others would send out book blurbs, etc...
One woman, ineloquently said,
"I am not interested in your books, if I were I would simply read it at the bottom of your email..."
I took that to heart, another writer asked me if I were offended and I told her absolutely not,
I told her I appreciated the honesty and would remember the advice...because I know for myself that bombarding me with something doesn't make me purchase why should I expect different from anyone else...
And I love it when people just say it,
A couple of years ago when I started blogging,
Someone posted a huge advertisement on my blog,
They didn't comment or anything, simply advertised,
I sent them an email, telling them I was going to delete it,
Because while I didn't mind a bit of information at a minimum a response to the post,
Would have been a bit more subtle...
They thanked me and told me they respected the fact that I told them why I deleted it,
Obviously, they had been getting deleted all over the place...
I told him that I try to treat folks as I would have them treat me,
I want to be told if I break an unwritten rule,
Or color outside the lines,
Just tell me and you have my word,
It won't happen again...

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