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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I had to smile this morning when I opened my email, there was one from someone who has Purchased and read everything I have written…it was asking when was my last 2010 book coming out. I smiled because I usually always have a book that comes out right around the end of the year.

Actually, my latest book last year came out in September, which was Mrs. Black? But the momentum from the book transcended time and was selling very well at the end of the year. It was a follow up to a series I had started in 2006, it was the feature of several book clubs and RAWSistaz had it as one of the holiday reading challenge books.

In previous years, Is NO Not Clear Enough for you came out December 1st 2007 and Schae’s Story: A Woman’s Transformation came out December 1st 2008, so I totally understood the question.

But, this year I am in a different place, have gone through sea changes and am not as compelled to force out a book because it is a certain time of the year. I am now in a place where I can take my time to write and publish books as the stories occur to me. I have absolutely no worries that if I don’t plunk out five books a year, the masses will forget about me. I have become more GROWN as a book writer and I know that those who wish to read what I offer as a writer will wait with and for me. And those I have yet to reach will be there also, because God has always shown me what faith brings.

I am forever GRATEFUL to those who have been there with me through all the books and supported me as I grew as a writer and as a person who writes. Every single day when I pray I give THANKS for that.

These writing changes are mostly indicative of how this year has allowed me to change as a person. I have spent much of my life, compelled to do and over do for anyone I love. This year has taught me that we can do and overdo to our own detriment and most importantly that because you do much does not mean the people will value you any more. I have asked God to intervene with me in those areas and to allow me to follow my heart and do that which is best, not that which is expected and though I have suffered some growing pains, it is occurring.

So as this year winds down and the new year cranks up, I am working on my own growth, as a child of God, a woman, a writer…and all things inclusive in that…