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Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Fiction People!

The one thing a writer has is poetic licence,
We get to create our characters and allow them to do whatever they want to,
That is why we write,
Because we can move as far as we want to,
Be as farfetched and freaked out as we please,
Do this and do that,
Or not do that or this,
We can break up marriages,
Put 'em back together again,
We can allow them to be fools or as clever as we want to,
And while we are so glad that you take our characters seriously,
We do so appreciate it,
It's Fiction People,
It is not a guideline as to how to act,
Or not act,
Be or not be...
It is a story that we hope will engross you,
Make you think, laugh cry, maybe even cuss,
But at the end of the story we plead for you to remember,
It's Fiction from the recesses of the minds of the writer,
And I assure you that is what keeps writers sane,
We can explore all our stuff on paper,
And have you believing we know some thangs...


Mrs. Black? @


Cinnamon Dubois Brown spent her entire life doing the right thing.
She was a good daughter, wonderful mother and ever supportive wife.
However, after thirty years of marriage she realizes she is marred to a serial cheater.
William Brown loves her, there is not doubt about it, but like many men of his stature, he feels there is nothing wrong with a little something, something on the side…
What he didn’t bargain for was that someone was watching him,
Someone whose eyes and heart had always been yearning for his woman…
That someone, millionaire Malcolm Black,
Had been obsessed with Cinnamon since high school,
He had made the mistake of not telling her and she slipped into the marriage bed of his friend, William Brown….
Years later when the three of them are all grown...
They become friends and many entanglements ensue,
But because of their faith and friendship,
They all try to do the right thing,
But Cinnamon has warned her husband,
And he has promised to do better,
But can he?
And will she do what she has promised and what will Malcolm do if she doesn’t?
What the heck will happen, When a Woman’s Fed UP?

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