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Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Fiction People!

The one thing a writer has is poetic licence,
We get to create our characters and allow them to do whatever they want to,
That is why we write,
Because we can move as far as we want to,
Be as farfetched and freaked out as we please,
Do this and do that,
Or not do that or this,
We can break up marriages,
Put 'em back together again,
We can allow them to be fools or as clever as we want to,
And while we are so glad that you take our characters seriously,
We do so appreciate it,
It's Fiction People,
It is not a guideline as to how to act,
Or not act,
Be or not be...
It is a story that we hope will engross you,
Make you think, laugh cry, maybe even cuss,
But at the end of the story we plead for you to remember,
It's Fiction from the recesses of the minds of the writer,
And I assure you that is what keeps writers sane,
We can explore all our stuff on paper,
And have you believing we know some thangs...


Mrs. Black? @


Shelia said...

Yes, it's fiction, any resemblance to anyone you may know is purely a coincidence. I didn't understand why that type of clause was used at the beginning of every book until I had my first book published.

I really love to see comments about books that are passionate--good or bad because even if it's a bad review and the person is so passionate why they feel one way or another, I still feel the writer has done his or her job. They have evoked some type of emotion from the reader to make them believe or maybe even self-reflect that they may forget that it is "just fiction."

P.S. - I'm reading Mrs Black tonight :)

Angelia... said...

people who have read the four books about Black, Brown and Cinnamon are acting like...well you will see...


Yasmin said...

And there you have...but seriously truth is stranger than I always wonder why folks get so hung up on fictional characters...but then again...that's truly a testament to the writer when you can create characters that make folks react...including those characters that folks love to hate. :)

Angelia... said...

I am finding that to be true...
It's good, all good...


Idrissa said...

Brown is your character that I love to hate and Black...well a sistah wants to know a man like Black. LOL

Angelia... said...

Sister I,
you know right?