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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Staying Connected...

I was talking to a young person recently and her question for me was;
"Why is it so hard to stay connected, once you have moved on?"
"Moved on how?"
"Just being different, wanting more, needing more, seeking better...growing."
I smiled because I felt her pain,
It is very difficult once you step out on that path that takes you places,
That possibly no one close to you has ever gone,
I told her that had been my story all my life,
Before I ever left home, I was always dancing to internal music, planning my departure,
Once I did leave,
I made a concerted effort to hold on,
Sometimes it was by the skin of my teeth,
Other times, try as I might I just couldn't do,
The effort was to emotionally costly,.
What I did tell her is to try really hard with those she really and truly loved,
And would want to visit and revisit and carry with her through her life,
But to also learn that a big part of growth is change,
And sometimes changing may unfortunately mean changing people,
I have seen the carcasses of people, who try to hold on,
Past the statute of limitations and all that's left is an exhausted frame,
Or they wake up one morning,
Wondering who the hell the person staring at them from the mirror truly is,
Because they are spending inordinate amounts of time trying to be all things to all people,
Or downsizing their dreams for fear of selling out or getting brand new...
I reminded her that the greatest truth is truth to self and to never allow anyone,
To stop her from striving for her best self,
And that when people try to rain on her parade,
To put on a slicker and carry a very large umbrella,
Because the surest sign that you are doing well is when the it's pouring down,
All around you,
But you discover you have found a way to stay dry,
And whenever possible take the high road, the route is more scenic and serene,
Because the low road is always full...
She looked at me smiling, saying,
"I think I understand all that"
'If you don't today, one day you will'

Love and Blessings,