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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Last night I watched the BET Music Awards, I hadn’t viewed it in a while for a number of reasons, in fact I had chosen not to watch many of our music awards shows because for years it seemed to be about something other than the music,
However, last night it felt like it was about the music again,
I enjoyed performances from most of the artists and there was a wide ranging choice,
Al Green, T-Pain, Maxwell, Alicia and Marvin Sapp….
What I most enjoyed was that it seemed to me the audience and the artists were having a good time,
There were pure looks of joy on the faces during the performances,
There was much dancing in the aisles,
Singing along and surprise appearances of a cadre of artists joining other artists on stage,
I can’t really define why that felt good to me,
But it did and I asked my husband, who said he felt likewise,
Maybe it is indicative of all the change that is afoot,
Better changes for all of us,
An exhaustion with the inability for us all to just get along,
Perhaps we are ready to at least try to coexist peacefully,
Realizing that the universe provides an abundance for all of us,
We simply have to show up and receive it with gratitude and thanks,
Maybe I’m over simplifying or naively optimistic,
If that is the case,
So be it,
I will choose to ‘Keep Hope Alive’…

Love, Peace and Blessings,