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Friday, October 12, 2007

A Mama's Heart...

Parenting is hard work,
I tell you truly, there are no down days, vacation times, when those children are in the house...
It is twenty-four seven,
But it's worth it, when it all comes together for good,
My youngest was a handful,
The most loving kid, excellent student...
But sometimes arrogant and downright obstinate about what he believed or believed in,
He took me there more than once,
But the thing I knew was that with his heart, his focus and his determination,
He would be a MAN,
I am watching that come to fruition,
He makes his own decisions, charts his own course,
And stays linked to his parents in allowing us to share his success,
Always thanking us for being loving, hardnosed disciplinarians,
Last night he called to tell us he had been accepted into an elite language course,
And only twenty made it and his score was one of the highest,
He is the only Black,
All I could think,
After giving thanks to God,
Is hanging in there is the truth,
And that we must never throw our hands up,
Or give up, we must plow on,
I remember being ridiculed by more permissive parents,
As being too strict,
Or having people tell me when those kids were teenagers,
To just let them go, boys will be boys,
But what I knew for sure is that since we brought them here,
It was our responsibility to stay the course,
Never wavering in our love, support or being wishy-washy,
'Parenting is not for Punks'
Was my motto,
This morning I am a proud Mama,
So Malik, Young Deep the Dictator,
You have done your Mama Proud...