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Monday, June 14, 2010

MY Journey

This morning, as I was driving in, I thought about this book journey I have been on for the past five years, starting writing with fervor in ’05, vanity published my first book Black’s Obsession, January 2006 and has since published, two non-fiction books, two anthologies, one young adult, and four fiction titles, no bestsellers yet, at least by no one’s estimation but my own…
As hard as it is for people to accept , I was working on a ‘body of work’ moreso than anything else, because one thing I KNOW is that what God dreams for me is bigger than anything I can dream for myself…I recall when I started this job eleven years ago, I simply wanted to make two grades higher then work until I retired…God decided that six grades higher would be better for me…
When I started writing I decided if I can just write one book, I will die happy, God brought me through several transitions with books, allowing me to make many mistakes and bad decisions and one day I wrote a little book entitled, Ramblings, and hello, it started me on a different path without me having to do anything…
Someone told me years ago, that praying would get me no where…that asking God wasn’t gonna cut it, put having a plan would…I got what they were saying on a purely intellectual level, but I knew that my blessings didn’t flow from intellect and that what I needed to do was stay in prayer about it and work fervently and listen every time God warned me that I was veering off path…and I did, and it works…
I don’t believe in overnight anything…everything I have and that I will have will always come through God’s grace, fervent prayer, patience and the little bit that I do..
Be Peace~