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Monday, August 31, 2009


The realest truth is that God trys us and blesses us most when we are prepared...
I have lived a life filled with trials and triumphs,
More triumphs than the law should allow, considering...thank God it is not up to the law...but to God...I have also had some trials that according to some, many could not have survived intact...but here I am...
But the best times are now,
The last several weeks have been filled with,
Lessons and Blessings,
And the beautiful thing is that I have learned to be grateful for all of them,
Not thrilled with them all,
But grateful,
And I know that if some of the trials had occurred even five years ago,
I would have cuckoo for real,
Or even if some of the triumphs had come then,
I would have been looking a gift horse in the mouth,
And looking over my shoulder,
But, thanks be to God,
I can now deal with what comes my way,
Good, Bad and Indifferent,
With a modicum of class....grinning...
And not completely,
Show my behind,
As mama would say when things arent going well,
Or miss my blessings by being suspicious,
As I was once prone to do,
I can pray fervently,
Knowing that it is already done,
And be glad that I have,
Had enough sense to get prepared!
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