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Friday, May 29, 2009

Until You Go Through...

Well peeps, I have been in Mama Deep mode all week, so I may as well stay wit' it...
The other day I was talking to a friend and he was saying how badly he just wanted to quit work,
He was tired and fed up with the politics of it and when he had become a scientist his plan was,
Not to push paper....I felt his pain, I really did...
He went on to say that he could not just up and quit...
I told him, 'Of course you can...'
He looked at me sceptically, because I know how much he earns,
And he knew I know that times are difficult and at fifty-seven,
Well you know,
So I explained to him that not one of us know what we can do or endure,
Until we go through...
I asked him what would he do if he were fired or laid off,
He was still quiet,
So I told him, you would do what you have to do,
I explained that there are hundreds of thousands of people who were earning more,
Than he or I last year and they lost jobs and have found ways to make it or maintain,
He was now listening and nodding,
He knew I was right,
Because sometimes we don't know what we are made of until we have to,
And while I certainly would not condone quitting a really good job...really good,
On a whim, but if he planned it and reevaluated his life and lifestyle,
He could leave his job and find a different life...
He asked me if I could do it,
I told him absolutely,
I had reinvented myself so many times,
And what moving around the world taught me,
Was how to live within and sometimes below my means,
Because one never knows what tomorrow will bring,
And ain't nothing promised to you...nothing...
My husband and I always talk about what we would do if the bottom fell out,
And plan for it,
He is retired from the military and while we are used to living way on more than that retirement,
We could, in a heartbeat,
We would readjust,
Change some things,
And live....
Because we have gone through some things,
And one thing we know for sure is that,
We can get through...


Thursday, May 28, 2009


Knowing how to talk to people is an art, it seems…
I have been told I have been gifted with it…
I have to somewhat disagree with that, I have learned it,
There was a time in my young life, when I just said it,
Without much thought to the impact,
I was ‘keeping it real’ before keeping it real was real,
But through growth and desire, I learned that many times a message,
Can be conveyed and can stick,
If it is delivered properly,
Many times in my office I am told,
‘I would never get away with saying that…’ or
“I said the same thing and they took it wrong…’
I am guessing that is because people can see your heart,
And gauge your intent and it is how one says a thing moreso than what is said,
Last night I was sitting in a meeting and I came away with the thought…
‘That really didn’t have to be said, and it surely didn’t have to be said, quite like that…’
But I got it, people are so bound up in who they are and in making sure they are ‘staying true’ to themselves that many times they come off wrong and no one gains anything from that…’
Later on they spend a lot of time, explaining and re-explaining what they meant,
And somehow it then rings hollow and untrue…
I have been chastised and corrected more than a few times in my life, for real...
And the lessons that have stuck with me were delivered by those who were honest,
Firm and fair,
Their intent was not to maim or destroy but to reach, teach and inform,
And even when I had to say, ‘Ouch’ I was appreciative,
My goal when talking to people I care about or who come to me for advice,
Is to give it to them as honestly and straight as I can,
But when they leave me I want them to walk away with their heads up,
Not bowed,
With the full knowledge that they can come back over and over again,
And that every time they will get it the same way,
Through my heart,
Past my lips,
To their ears,
Into their hearts…
That’s all I got…


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It is funny how the mind works, especially mine, some would say,
Anyway, yesterday I was doing a report, a Sustainable Practices Report,
The report is geared to the Greening of the Government,
Using practices that are for the good of the earth and the environment,
Yes, I know, my job is scintillating, but it keeps me in coffee and cute shoes,
And since I have been on the relationships tip this week,
I thought about the sustainable practices in a relationship…
There are the no-brainers,
Don’t cheat,
Don’t abuse,
Kiss at least twice a day…okay that is mine…but feel free to use it,
You know the ones,
But what about the little practices that pile up,
Little beige lies…
That accumulate and become huge…
Lying is not a sustainable practice,
The truth hurts but it really will set you free,
Another thing is putting things out into the atmosphere that you can’t retrieve,
Talk about pollution,
Anyone who has known me or knows me,
No I don’t badmouth people I love or care about,
Especially not my man,
And I won't allow anyone else to run him down either,
Because he is the person I sleep with every night and wake up to,
In the morning and chose to have kids with,
So if I ran foul game on him all over the place what does that say about me,
And my choices,
I know sometimes we want to vent,
Talk to our girls…
But remember what you put out there is what you get back,
And if you don’t want to be trashed, don’t trash,
Now that is a good recycling concept if I ever heard one,
A sustainable practice for real,
There are many sustainable practices,
Cause I tell you love ain’t enough, to sustain...
There is honesty,
Acceptance of responsibility,
Knowing when to hold,
Knowing when to fold,
Okay, I am feeling goofy but you get me,
Man, who knew what could come from such a dry report,
That gives truth to ‘There is a message in it….’


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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I have said it here before and I will say it again and again…
Marriage is hard,
Raising kids is hard,
Life can be hard,
As such there are times when we have to pray and walk away,
Not forever, necessarily, but long enough not to say words we can not take back,
Or God forbid to hit or harm someone that we profess to love,
Once certain things have been said or done,
They are left there to deal with,
To resolve,
To hopefully make better,
And in some cases, it doesn’t get better,
Layers and layers of stuff will pile on,
I was talking to someone who had been divorced for years,
And was still dealing with the stuff,

I was talking to old married who had layers of bitter memories,
Though they were still there...
On the other hand I was talking to young weds,
Who were piling the stuff on…
Unable to say what the truth is,
That they moved too fast,
Tried too hard,
Wasn’t really ready or able to do the things,
That marriage calls upon people to do,
And rather than truth tell,
They hide behind untruths and feelings,
Hoping that all will be better in the morning,
And it never is that simple without some real,
A willingness to admit wrongs,
And be truly vigilant in correcting them,
And sometimes knowing when to walk away…

Angelia, who don’t know much but I KNOW THIS!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Rainy Days and Fridays...

It has been raining all week...I don't mind rain at all,
My preference is to be at home when it does, but alas this week I was at work,
It has slowed down considerably,
And my plants are abloom and my grass is lush and green,
Gotta look for the blessings...always!
Today my plan is to chill, chill,
My SIL, Betty should be here in a few hours and I have fresh fish in the sink,
And umm a couple of adult beverages on the chill,
I love our time together,
We are both pretty self-contained people,
Who spend a lot of time alone,
But together we talk like there is no tomorrow,
And laugh like teenagers...
I am really looking forward to it,
Tonight we will stay in,
Tomorrow we are going to see SALTIMBANCO,
Tomorrow night we are going to allow her brother, my man,
To join us at the Jazz Festival...
I am praying the rain isn't too much,
But even if it is,
We have lots of fish and chilled drinks!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cirque not Circus...

I spent many days at the circus when my kids were growing up,
They loved the shows, acrobatics and the animals...
I didn't mind them, especially the good ones like Barnum and Bailey and Universoul...but,
The little musty, small tent ones were not my faves...
But my babies didn't know the difference,
So long as there were elephants and cotton candy...
One day about ten years ago,
I was sitting at home during a 100 degree day,
Flipping the channels and found Cirque du Soleil,
And feel head over heels in love,
Had never seen anything quite like it,
Instead of animals it was the most amazing acrobatics,
That told beautiful stories in movement...
I was mesmerized...
When I discovered my sister-in-law loved it as much I,
Oh man, I knew that one day we would see it together, LIVE...
Well this is the weekend,
She just had a big birthday and I wanted to do something fun...
So she will be here tomorrow and off to the Cirque we go,
As giddy as my kids were back in the day...
I know it is hard to tell but I am already excited....


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No Abbra or Cadabbra...

When my kids were small, they loved magic shows,
And we took them to many, but, quite unromantically we made sure they understood,
It was trickery, smoke and mirrors, balderdash…
That abbra cadabbra only works on stage,
Everything else worth having takes work and devotion,
Simple, right?
No, evidently not,
Sometimes I am amazed by the number of grown folks who once they discover,
I have been married for over three decades,
Will ask me what the secret is and expect me to tell them in a conversation,
I tell them that there are no secrets or magic formulas,
But the foundation is honesty, truth, trust, compromise and a willingness to be wrong,
And the hardest thing of all is sticking to it…
It is easy to leave…throw in the towel, look for greener grass over the septic tank,
I recall a few months ago, around Christmas time I was standing in the post office,
The woman behind me struck up a conversation,
Finally she asked me what she really wanted to know,
Looking at my ring, she commented on the size of it….I guess size does matter…grinning….
Then she asked how long I had been married,
I told her thirty years and that I had received the ring on my 25th anniversary,
She told me that if she had hung in there, she would be married over thirty years also,
She sounded so wistful…
As a nosy writer my ears were pulsating,
She said that at the time, her man wasn’t ambitious enough for her and she decided,
To seek greener pastures…
I asked how he was doing now,
She told me that he and his second wife were doing very well and living well…
Guess he found someone to work with him…
Trust him, believe in him…
Who understood there was no magic formula,
That marriage like anything else is WORK…
Though there is something that holds true…
Women want to be loved…all the time,
And men crave being respected by the women they love,
All the time…
It is also helpful to know going in,
That if you aren’t perfect,
Then chances are your partner will not be either…
Which means there will be lots of give and take,
Ups and downs,
Tos and fros…
But there will also be many days when it really does feel like MAGIC…


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I often wonder if people realize how truly golden silence can be,
There are times when it is absolutely best to say nothing, not a word,
Yesterday I spent a couple of hours with a handful of my coworkers,
And the chatter was incessant,
And it wasn’t just chatter to fill the quiet,
But an invasive, negative banter that was truly exhausting,
Comments about people,
Based on stereotypes and assumptions,
I wondered and wonder if they even know what they are saying or how it sounds,
And what a soul stealer negative words can have,
When I got back to the office,
I had to pray and sit very still,
Allowing myself to shake it off,
After I had calmed and centered myself,
I was able to understand a bit,
Insecure people have to fill the air with words,
To be completely comfortable in silence is to be truly confident,
And to know that we get back from the world what we put out there,
Takes spiritual ‘growness’…
And that is a work in progress…if we ever get there…
Later in the day one of the persons,
Asked me why I was so quiet,
I told them simply,
“When I have something to add that can be of some benefit, I add it…
When I don’t, I stay quiet…”
I was then asked if I ever entered into simple social commentary,
I answered,
“All the time, however, I don’t see derogatory or negative comments as social commentary, or at least not the type I am interested in engaging it…”
The person nodded and moved on…
Immediately, the silence was….GOLDEN…


Monday, May 18, 2009


We are who we are and sometimes we have to get gentle reminders,
Last Wednesday I was in the car with my friend Sherrie,
And she said,
“Angi, I love you dearly, but you are a diva…”
She explained to me what she meant,
She had been driving all week,
Immediately I knew she was absolutely correct,
I hate to drive and will get out of it any chance I get, a gift is in the mail to her as we speak…
So I apologized and told her I would drive the rest of the week,
She told me no, but she just wanted to let me know…
I laughed because she and I share a lot of the same characteristics,
Driving not withstanding,
Of course I chose not to say that,
But game does recognize game…
Just one of those idiosyncrasies and something to work on….giggling…
Later in the day in the class,
The instructor was passing out erroneous information,
So Sherrie and I and another sister,
Raised our hands to let her know that what she was imparting only worked in theory,
But not in practice,
Well it rocked her cage,
She ended up asking if we were mad at her…
Umm no…
But since there were newbies in the class we had to respond,
But I was shocked that disagreeing with misinformation,
Comes across as anger…
Particularly since all the disagreers were ummm, Sistahs…
Normally I keep my mouth shut but passing out bad information,
Will get me to raise my hand every time…
Another idio..whatchamacallit…umm hmm,
Which set me to thinking about all those things,
Peculiarities, umm traits if you prefer,
That combine together to make us who we are,
God knows I have a gang of them,
Which was verified when I told my husband and son,
What Sherrie said,
They got their chuckle on,
Well now…
Again I took the high road,
And chose not to tell them about their,
Umm traits…
But tomorrow is another day…
What are you idiosyncraZies,
Surely, you have some…No?

Angelia, aka Nana Diva

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Ultimate Test by Shelia M. Goss

Girls Will Be Girls?

The Ultimate Test by Shelia Marie Goss is the prolific author’s first novel for and about young adults. From the first page, the reader is caught up in the flavor, authenticity, and language of young adults and how they feel, think, and respond to what goes on around them. Destiny Franklin is a young, beautiful, rich fly-girl. She and her friends, Sierra and Jasmine, have been girls since grade school and they share everything. The three of them are very excited about their freshman year at Plano High School. However, they are going to find out that with growing up comes growing pains.

On the first day of school, the young ladies set their eyes on D.J. and immediately Sierra and Jasmine are smitten. Britney is not impressed with him and is amazed that her friends will potentially allow a boy to come between them. There are also other girls on the scene, such as Tanisha who is also interested in D.J. and will possibly fight for his attention but, surely these classy young women know better than that?

The trio face other issues that are as important as boy troubles. Britney is horrified to discover her parents are expecting another child when she is a teenager and has been an only child. Sierra is dealing with weight gain and how that affects her self-esteem. And, though she will never admit it, Jasmine is dealing with jealousy of a friend. Will these young ladies be able to grow up and stay together or will the tests they face tear them apart? Ms. Goss answers these questions and more in her wonderful novel about young girls in today’s world.

I recommend The Ultimate Test to all readers. Teens will be able to relate and appreciate and older readers will reflect and remember.

Angelia Menchan
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Monday, May 11, 2009


Yesterday I was sitting in church in my hometown,
And I noticed an abundance of pregnant girls...
Yes girls, they were all eighteen or younger, unmarried, un or underemployed and pregnant,
For the life of me I don't understand...
Is it that young ladies are so desperate to have something to call their own,
Or is it because they are church girls and parents, for whatever reason are not talking to them about contraception or gasp...more importantly sexual safety...
One young woman is the sister to a young lady who had three babies by age twenty,
So surely she knows the consequences....
What in the world is going on...
And what touches me, frighteningly, more than anything else,
Is this indicates how many young people are playing sexual Russian Roulette...
Why in the world aren't these mothers or some woman in their lives not having conversations with them....
Later in the day I see a young man who has several children,
With several women,
Can barely take care of himself,
But women are hopping in the bed with him,
Unprotected, getting pregnant,
For the life of me....
I just don't understand,
Why the young sisters will just throw caution to the wind,
And engage intimately with a man,
Who they know is slinging it all over town,
Without protection,
And add a child to the mix...
Could someone please explain it to me,
Because FOR THE LIFE OF ME....
I am without understanding or comprehension...
I just don't understand...



Friday, May 8, 2009


Mother's Day has been bittersweet for me for the past six years, I lost my mama in January of 2003...and for the next couple of years I just wanted
the day to hurry up and end...felt like a motherless child...
But time heals all...and now I enjoy the memories
Of my mama and the cool, loving relationship,
We had....God knows I still miss her,
And I certainly miss the fact that we would have
sat on the porch on Sunday laughing and talking,
Eating something she had cooked or I had cooked, or both, she love my chicken and rice...
And I know she would have loved to see that young beauty pictured here...her first great-grandchild...Amira Jameela...lord would we have enjoyed spoiling that child together...

This morning I was thinking about that year she died, I didn't want to go home, I felt I could not do it, my husband didn't question me, eventhough his mom was there, he understood and supported me....but on the morning of Mother's Day I got up, got dressed and told him, 'Let's hit the road...we need to see the other mothers in my that time I still had three aunts and my mother-in-law and they all loved me and considered me to be their home we went,
And though there were some tough moments that was good...
So this weekend I will go again as I have always done, spend some time with my Aunt Alice,
She is the only one of the my mom's sisters left...and spend some time with my mother-in-law...
And know that I am blessed, for what I had and what I have...



Thursday, May 7, 2009


Yesterday when I wrote, Not in Love Anymore,
Didn’t know it would cause the response and confusion it caused,
This morning there were a lot of emails in my inbox,
Asking me, pleading with me not to stop blogging…
Did a heart good,
But that was never the message I was trying to convey,
I love my personal blog space and will always do it,
I actually forget that people in, ‘the real world’ are clueless,
As to how much socializing and jockeying goes on online,
And to many of my readers, their online presence is my blog…
So blog I will…
And those emails really speak to the power of prayer and how God answers,
Last night when I was in church, I prayed fervently for direction and guidance in this whole literary journey I am on,
One of our songtresses sang, ‘Order my Steps’ and that is what I prayed for,
For God to order my steps and guide me,
Immediately after the service as I was preparing to leave,
A friend brought over a woman to talk to me about,
Schae’s Story…I could feel the love of my work and the characters,
Felt blessed,
And this morning when I read all those,
‘Say it ain’t so, please don’t go… messages…
I knew I was on the right path and track…
For me…
So it is all to the goodness…
I’ll be here…

Love you all…GRATEFULNESS…


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not In Love Anymore...

I was texting a friend today and it hit me,
I have fallen out of love,
Out of love with the online experience,
After over three years of checking my inbox all day, everyday,
It hit me, the thrill is gone,
Not sure why,
It occurred to me a couple months ago when many of the sights,
I once frequented were closed off at work,
And that is where I communicated from mostly,
By the time I got home,
I wanted to chill and spend Q time with my honey,
Life is so short,
So one day I realized that the time I spent online had decreased, exponentially and I wasn’t missing it a great deal…
What I did miss was some of the people that I communicated with,
But for many others I had already become persona-non-grata,
Because what I discovered is that if you don’t sign on everyday or respond to every missive, or agree with everything,
It doesn’t take long before folks move on,
As it should be I am left to assume,
But what I was ultimately left with is more time to do face time,
With folks I had been straight up neglecting,
And it allowed me to respond to those things that appealed to me and ignore those that didn’t,
Which ultimately was a stress reliever,
Maybe the love will come back one day,
And I can have an affair with it,
But I won’t marry it again,



This morning one of my friends told me he was done with dating,
He is in his mid-fifties,
Been married twice and serially dated for the past seven years and he is done,
I didn’t say a word,
I wanted to know where this was going,
And I stay quiet,
Cause I like all the details,
And I knew the history,
The writer in me, I guess…
He finally looked at Dr. A,
Waiting for her answer,
I weighed what I was going to say,
Because I know him and he has a tendency to fall for the women,
Who ‘NEED’ him,
Then one day he discovers that his needs aren’t being met,
Also he is one of those NICE guys…
You know the ones women always say they want,
But run off from as soon as a bad boy gives ‘em the time of day,
Don’t look at me like that,
You know I’m as right as rain,
So finally I said,
‘Okay, maybe you do need a break, give yourself some time to be alone…’
I am stalling…and he knows it,
He finally says,
“The reason I come to you is for the truth…”
Well okay…
So I tell him in no uncertain terms,
That he is always looking for the cutie with ‘special needs’…
That his focus needs to be on reciprocity and that he really should take the time to
Get to know these people before he is moving ‘em in with him,
And if he wants conversations he needs to find a conversationalist,
He looked at me and we both laughed a bit,
He knew I was right…
But I felt his pain,
Because what I know for sure is that no matter how accomplished we are,
How much money we have,
How great our jobs are,
How we are inclined,
Most of us want to be coupled,
We want love and to be loved,
We want to need and be needed,
Want and be wanted,
I also knew that he would get out there again,
And probably do the same things he has always done,
That is life…
And on those days Dr. A,
Will listen…



Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Last week on my way home I had a craving for blue crab, so I went out of my way on the way home and went to main street to get some,
I was literally salivating thinking about ‘em,
Cooked with sausage, potatoes, garlic and other spices, ummm…
Walking in, I could see that the place was packed,
It was about four pm and they sell prepared food as well as raw seafood,
And there were lines of Black folks…
The proprietors were Arabic,
An ethnic stew, cool...
One young lady looked at me,
Then at her friend,
Then back at me,
Finally she asked,
‘That yo hair…’
If I had a dime for the number of times I had been asked that!
And I thought it was a moot question because it was less than an inch long,
But, I said,
‘Yes ma’am…’
She then asked where I was from,
I told her, Ocala, Florida,
There was a bit of laughter,
And she said,
‘You look like them…’
Pointing to the Arabic guy,
He looked at me, then at the other Arabic guy and nodded as though agreeing,
Curious, I asked,
Is it because of my hair?
She said,
‘Naw, not really, skin too, dark but different…’
Then she asked what part of town I lived in,
I told her, she looked at her friend, saying,
Hmmm…we all went on with our transactions,
On the way home,
I pondered what it all meant,
And was stunned that in 2009,
Hair still meant so much,
And how much Black folks still differentiate,
Between themselves and each other,
And how tightly we define Blackness,
It reminded me of years ago,
There was this boy who liked me,
I was about fifteen,
He was about eighteen,
And he told me I wasn’t really Black,
I asked him to explain,
Because I knew I was the Black as the ACE OF SPADES,
In my consciousness,
And as dark in complexion as he was...
In no uncertain terms he told me,
You got hair like Indians, you talk and act like white folks and you just,
‘Ain’t Black’…
I thought Negro…please…
And knew that he and I were so done at that moment,
It was so exhausting to find myself in the same place,
Almost forty years later…



Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Mornings...

I am at home on a Sunday Morning,

That is very unusual, normally I leave home about 7.30 for church and return about 4 hours later,

But, this morning, I was feeling achy, crampy and femaley, so decided to stay home in bed,

When I finally got up about the time I usually leave home,

I said my prayers, then watched my Pastor on telly,

While the coffee the smell of coffee...

Opening the blinds, I saw the sun shining brightly,

The birds chirping, and no one moving around beautiful,

I love Sundays....

After the coffee was done,

I made a couple slices of toast with mango jelly and sat down to read a bit,

I am going to read Faith Evan Bio today...

The newspaper and chill,

When my man gets home, we will have an early dinner,

And doze a bit on the sofa,

Afterwards we will get all the way into the NBA playoffs,

Love that game...

Boy, that series between the Bulls and Celtics is what BBall is all about,

Did I say I love Sundays,

I also love,

Strong, Sweet, Black....umm coffee, yeah that too,

And I love toast with great jelly,

And I love books,

And I love Sundays, I think I said that!

And Love U!!!



Friday, May 1, 2009


One thing I love and appreciate with my whole heart,
Is when my people reach out and check on a sister,
And one thing that seems to make 'em reach out is when they don't hear from me,
On my blogs....
I looooooooooooooooove that,
It speaks of love...
I am cool,
But sometimes I get like that...
Go underground,
Get quiet,
Don't say much,
Barely answer the phone,
Just take it all the way easy,
That is how I re-process,
Rejuvenate my soul,
I pray fervently,
Eat healthy,
Read a lot,
Stay close to home and my man,
I also completed my seventh novel,
And eight book in a bit over three years,
MRS. BLACK? will be available sometime this summer,
My pre-readers are raving about it,
Telling me it lends closure to the love triangle...
They might be on to something...
So, don't worry,
Mother is fine,
Just doing that thing,
She sometimes does,
Being a temperamental, mercurial, sometimes slightly diva-ish, Write or Die Chick...
But it is all to the goodness....