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Monday, May 18, 2009


We are who we are and sometimes we have to get gentle reminders,
Last Wednesday I was in the car with my friend Sherrie,
And she said,
“Angi, I love you dearly, but you are a diva…”
She explained to me what she meant,
She had been driving all week,
Immediately I knew she was absolutely correct,
I hate to drive and will get out of it any chance I get, a gift is in the mail to her as we speak…
So I apologized and told her I would drive the rest of the week,
She told me no, but she just wanted to let me know…
I laughed because she and I share a lot of the same characteristics,
Driving not withstanding,
Of course I chose not to say that,
But game does recognize game…
Just one of those idiosyncrasies and something to work on….giggling…
Later in the day in the class,
The instructor was passing out erroneous information,
So Sherrie and I and another sister,
Raised our hands to let her know that what she was imparting only worked in theory,
But not in practice,
Well it rocked her cage,
She ended up asking if we were mad at her…
Umm no…
But since there were newbies in the class we had to respond,
But I was shocked that disagreeing with misinformation,
Comes across as anger…
Particularly since all the disagreers were ummm, Sistahs…
Normally I keep my mouth shut but passing out bad information,
Will get me to raise my hand every time…
Another idio..whatchamacallit…umm hmm,
Which set me to thinking about all those things,
Peculiarities, umm traits if you prefer,
That combine together to make us who we are,
God knows I have a gang of them,
Which was verified when I told my husband and son,
What Sherrie said,
They got their chuckle on,
Well now…
Again I took the high road,
And chose not to tell them about their,
Umm traits…
But tomorrow is another day…
What are you idiosyncraZies,
Surely, you have some…No?

Angelia, aka Nana Diva


shelia said...

I hate when people give out misinformation. If I know that another solution will work, I will speak my mind.

Angelia... said...

I know and I am so tirred of the Mad Black Woman thang...


Dera Williams said...

I used to be told I came across as a snob since high school which was always a surprise to me. I haven't heard it in awhile, well-- except from my daughter. LOL, so I must have worked on it. It's funny about people's perceptions. I was trying to be not noticed and my actions came across as being a snob. Funny

Angelia... said...

perceptions are funny and in this case it is definitely it takes a Diva to know a was just funny, and so appreciated because only real friends tell us the real truth....


'Cilla said...

Angelia.. I also HATE to drive. If I can get out of it, I will do it in a Mili-second. I am called a smart Azz and workaholic by my brothers - that's cause they were all Momma's boys and were taken care of ... Hmmmmm

JC Martin said...

I am told that I'm a perfectionist. I didn't realize striving to do my best and receive the best in all I do made me a perfectionist. I'm also told that I'm spoiled. I don't know how this is possible, but like you said game knows game. My hubby calls me spoiled but he's just as spoiled if not worse. LOL