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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Here We Are...

This morning I lay in bed, praying, for so many things,
As a prayer, I know what it can bring,
What I also know is that no matter how today's election turns out,
Tomorrow is another day and we will still have to get out and get about the business,
Of living, loving, working, believing, passing something on,
One of the things that has always driven me as a parent,
Is the imprint I would leave on my children, their children, and their children,
Many would accuse me of being so orderly, reserved, careful or whatever,
And I own those things, but what I knew more than anything,
Is that I needed to always carry myself as a model for those who love and watch me,
And they are always watching,
That is also what I pray many get from this campaign,
That there is more than one road to take,
And the high road is the better one,
I watched Senator Obama,
Coolly, for the most part work his way through,
I heard and read people talking about,
What he should say and how he should say it,
But what he knew as I know,
Is this,
His children and other people's children,
Were watching him and whatever he did or how he did it,
Is what they would remember, not what he said or how he said it,
We have to be careful about not talking out the side of our necks,
Because no matter what message we impart with our lips,
They are watching to see what and how we do it,
And most likely some young person,
Whose first defense would have been to cuss someone out,
Or even smack them,
Might think back to this time and decide,
To think and plan their way out of a situation,
By taking the highest road available,
Now that is cool to me,
I have just gotten as political as I get....

Now go VOTE!!!