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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


What happens when one is in a season of transformation? That is the premise of SCHAE’S STORY: A Woman’s Transformation. Schae has spent her life after the gold, the money, the men. But when she realizes that there is more to life than that, she begins her season of transformation. But it’s hard, not because she can’t do it, but because those around her don’t want it to happen. The man she is involved with can’t believe he can no longer buy her love, the man she becomes involved with is struggling with the fact that now she is with him, she has given up her old ways, and her sister just doesn’t want her to be different…the question is why is it so hard for those around us to accept us as transformers…I have a couple of theories…

One is that when people around us change and get better, it makes us look at ourselves and how we are living. I can remember being a Job Corps counselor and discovering that there were parents who weren’t happy about their children’s improvements. They reacted as though it were a judgment of them that their kids wanted to live differently. It is a sad truth but truth, nonetheless. There is a huge range of folks who make it their business to remind folks of how they used to be…it’s as if they say it enough the person will say, ‘Umm, okay, you got me, I am perpetrating a fraud and to make you happy, I will go back to my old ways.’ Sounds absurd on paper but it’s as real as rain. And it is hard as heck because the old way is the easy way. But to be transformed one must often stand alone or find new people.

Another is that we are creatures of habit. If a thing has worked for us, it is easy to rely on it, because to do something different takes upsetting a whole bunch of apple carts. Because transformation can mean saying things different, doing things different, not allowing opinions to touch us. Hard work! I have a young woman in my life who’s in a season of transforming and she is scared to death. As such, she keeps sliding into the old, the comfort zone. But she is then hurt and ashamed when someone reminds her that, that is who she is. As I tell her you can’t have it both ways, either you are in there or out of there. And that is the point I tried to get across in SCHAE’S STORY, that once you make your mind up, one must become a warrior in the fight for the right to be your best person, even when it means some things, even some ones will fall by the wayside. Also, knowing that when you mess up, all you have to do is forgive yourself and move something. You know just like when you eat cake on a diet, you don’t then eat the whole cake. You wrap it up and give it away, so that it’s no longer there to eat!

Love you!

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