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Monday, November 19, 2007

When Love Calls...

When Love calls, you betta answer, cause it might be a big mistake, if you decide to hesitate...
Yup, more song lyrics,
But this time I'm not talking romantic love, family love, no kind of people love,
Mother is talking about the kind of love for what you do,
In my case it's writing,
Reading, I love the written word,
Always have...
But I looooooooooooooove writing,
I've done a lot of stuff but nothing fills me all the way up,
Heart and Soul, like writing...
When I'm alone, writing is company,
When sad, it makes me glad,
When mad, it calms me down...
I feel that everyone needs that,
I remember when my kids were growing up and all the infomercials said,
'Find their anti-drug'
For my eldest it was art supplies,
Give him pens and pads and he would do caricatures for hours,
For my youngest it was music, his room was filled with keyboards,
Drums, mikes and turntables, but his happiest moments were sitting
In a corner with one of those marbled black and white notebooks, writing song lyrics,
His room and at home is filled with them,
My heart breaks when someone says they don't know what to do with themselves,
I instantly know that love hasn't called,
Or they haven't listened,
If that inner voice is guiding you to do something,
Do it,
No matter how insignificant it may seem,
Or how unimpressed someone else may be,
If it makes your heart pump faster,
Make you smile,
Cry, think, dance or move you in any way,
That is that Love Thang...


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