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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The BackStory

I love the backstory,
What is the backstory?
It is those stories within stories, the ones that may or may not have to do with the main characters,
But they can,
In my trilogy they do...
In Black's Obssession we meet Black, he is uberman, a self-made, handsome millionaire who has it all...
All except Cinnamon, the woman he has loved for over thirty years, to whom no one can compare,
Loves her so much he infiltrates her life, knowing she is happily married to his friend,
In Cinnamon's Universe the main story is Cinnamon giving in to her love for Black....while....holding on with everything in her to her long-term marriage to Brown, the poor child is in love with two handsome, wealthy men who love her like a sickness, and will do whatever it takes not to lose her....poor Cinnamon,
Finally, we get to Brown's Possession....A Family's Progression, and we see these three people doing everything they can to hold on to what they have, without destroying what they have always had...a slippery slope indeed....
Those are the main stories...
However the backstories are what inspire me...
How in Black's Obsession, Black never gets what he wants but it does not stop him from doing what matters...He mentors the young men in his community, he adopts his bi-racial nephew because his Jewish brother-in-law is unable to raise him, when he retires and returns home he builds homes in failing communities so that those who thought they never could...can...Cinnamon and her friend throw fundraisers to raise awareness about AIDS and teenaged pregnancy...
Cinnamon's Universe has these people embroiled in a passionate love triangle, however they find time to start businesses to help brothers down on their luck get work, Cinnamon, after discovering a secret about her daughter ventures out to tell the stories of young girls who are afraid to speak for themselves, putting her own reputation on the line...because she knows it really isn't about her...
Brown's Possession, has their feelings, love and pain on full blast, but there is still time to open a school in a community for kids who have been written off as losers, time to spend hours shelling peas with the ancestors, time to do the things that are needed...those are the Backstories, the stories that define the whys and hows...
The stories that I know it is now time to tell...
Talking to my son the other day, cleared it up for me, he said, "Mama when you publish your young adult book the world will know what I have always known."
I asked, "What is that?"
"That you were placed here to reach us, to teach us, to show us, while never judging us and allowing us to be who we are." My heart exploded.
So I asked, "What about the other stories?"
"Mama you had to tell those to be able to tell the real stories."
"No probs...I love you."
"I Love you." I held the phone in my hand for several minutes, then I knew I needed to get to work.
There were so many BACKSTORIES, to be told.