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Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's All Good!

This morning I sit at my desk, in a relaxed mode…getting ready for the weekend,
Plans with a friend tomorrow afternoon…
Plans with my girls Saturday afternoon,
Done with my sixth book and really feeling so good about it,
So glad I listened to my heart and spirit on where I wanted to go with my writing,
I am also filled to the brim with the message I received at church last night,
It was fire, so much about being taught and willing to receive and embrace that which is taught.
Something so poignant it had me on my feet was the lesson to not seek to settle the score,
Don’t try to get your own back,
Leave vengeance to a higher power,
That touched me so deeply, because that is one of my mantras,
I know, unequivocally that I have to do nothing, ever to anyone,
That every single one of us, ultimately get what is due us…period…
I have frustrated many friends and family over the years,
Because they will bring me something, tell me something and I choose to not even go there, not necessary…
Something similar happened, yesterday, someone felt I had to know something
Couldn’t wait to tell me, I graciously thanked them for their concerns,
And kept it moving…it is simple really,
I and only I get to choose my battles, it will be determined by me which wars I fight in,
Because every day on the battleground is not a good day,
And sometimes one simply needs to stay inside,
Allowing the ONE who is better equipped to deal with it…