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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Right Mindset

I havent blogged in a few days, nine to be exact according to my baby sister, thanks Diva V~
Anyway, I was tired,
And of course there was Thanksgiving and eating and reading, just being,
However, it is so nice to know that people miss me when I am not doing my thing,
So grateful,
Over the past few days, I have done a great deal of observing and one thing,
I came away with is that our mindsets,
Truly determine how we feel and react to things,
I talked to a young man who makes excuses for everything,
Nothing is ever his fault,
And with that being his mindset, he gets nothing done,
Just thinks about what he THINKS has been done to him,
A better mindset would help him realize that only he is responsible for him~
Another situation is a very lonely older woman,
She is sad and mad,
And even at her advanced age does not get that how she thinks determines what she says,
Thus how people treat her, she has alienated a bunch of folks, because she constantly shares,
The bitterness in her heart and mind and very few people hang around for that,
And finally there is a woman,
Who is so talented and gifted,
But has depressed herself by feeling that just because someone else,
Does something she should be able to do it also,
And is so bound up in thinking through the lens of what people think of her,
She is immobile,
All of these behaviors are tied to how they think,
Of others and of themselves,
I know for myself that when I learned to think better,
I was better,
And when I set my MIND on the goodness of life,
As opposed to all the darkness,
I could then see the light,
It is by no means automatic,
I have to make myself think good,
Through faith, prayer and a determined MINDSET,
I am able to succeed, MOSTLY~

PURCHASE MRS. BLACK? You will be glad you did~