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Friday, September 26, 2008

Business Handling!

One of my favorite phrases, is 'Handle Your Business'...
That means all your business,
And in these times of financial instability, we better,
I can say I haven't been tripping,
Only because of my faith,
But also with my faith, I handle my business,
I knew when all that housing mess was going on,
Not to take out any lines of credit,
It just didn't make sense,
Too much, too soon is always going to deflate,
It just is,
Also, as an investor, you have to know the patience is always the order of the day,
Now is the time, to sit still, make sure your money is in those things,
We always need and will require,
And wait it out, faithfully,
And it is also time to tighten up and utilize any skills you have,
I have a job, I write books, but mother also has some other things going on,
That can generate income if needed, all eggs in a basket is never a good thing,
This morning, I was working on some programs, christmas cards and the like for different folks,
And I thanked God for showing me what I try to pass on...
Don't talk about what you want to do, be about it, believing it can and will,
And remember as my ninth grade geometry teacher told me,
Small things can take you big places,
I took that to mean,
I might not always make the most,
Or be the biggest fish in the pond,
But I can stay in the water,
Swimming upstream...