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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Marry, Who?

This past weekend, I was working on edits for Schae's Story and it caused me to pause and think about the women I know, the ones who for whatever reason chose not to marry,
Or had never been asked to marry or want it so badly and feel like time is running out,
Also those young sisters who got it going on like that but just don't feel there are many options,
Sometimes I sit with them and they tell me about the slim pickings,
Seven brothers to one sister...
Then they break down the demographics,
Take out incarcerated,
Gay, or confused,
Already married,
And according to them the odds are even greater,
So, what is woman to do,
In many cases I see what they are doing,
I have a plethora of nieces, second cousins and young friends who are all,
Single mothers,
That clock started to tick,
And they had good jobs, homes, futures and health insurance,
So the figured why the heck not,
However, when faced with young sons,
Who for all their trying, are more interested in the streets,
Than what they are being taught, because they are crying out for a male presence,
They start second guessing, wondering if they made the right choices,
I don't know,
Can't say,
I have been married since the Emancipation Proclamation,
And am grateful to my husband for teaching his young men,
What he taught them,
Don't know that I would have ever tried to do what they are doing,
Knowing what I know,
But I really don't know that either,
Always wanted to be a mama...
I like having answers for my young sisters,
But when they gang up on me, asking,
Marry, Who?
I simply don't know what to tell them...


Schae's Story: A Woman's Transformation