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Monday, June 22, 2009


Knowing when to say when,
Letting go when it’s time is hard,
Mountain climbing in high heels hard,
Not eating ice cream in the summer hard,
Not looking at a fine man hard,
But know we must,
Because there is nothing sadder,
Than someone who holds on past the statue of limitations,
Hanging by their fingertips,
Clutching madly to something that is already gone,
Or that was never there,
The other night, I had gotten my latest book,
Mrs. Black? back from the third proofreader,
And the question that was written in the margins,
Was, ‘Why did the woman hang on so long and why was she finally done?”
I smiled at that, because I had anticipated that as one of the questions,
I would surely be asked when I took my show on the road this fall,
And my answer would be,
She hung on until she could hang on no longer,
Women hang on for a variety of reasons,
One of the main ones being that they really believe things will get better in time,
And in many cases that has born itself out,
I know many marriages that are decades and decades old,
Where they went through some thangs,
But now things are great and couldn’t be better,
But in every case that took a mutual wanting to do better,
Be better,
Growing up instead of just growing old,
However, when one there is one partner,
Who has absolutely nothing vested in change or betterment,
And is fine with the status quo,
The day might come when the other will simply open his or her hand,
And say WHEN...

MRS. BLACK? Coming 09/11/09

Be Blessed!