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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Both of the images are of me, one was taken one morning before work, the other was taken at Key West....the question I am going to ask this morning however, is which one of those women would you hire....they are the same woman, with the same credentials, bringing the same mindset, morals and habits to the table...this of course is a rhetorical question. 99 percent of people would hire the going to work picture...for the most part, the image is professional as if though I care about how I look, thus I would be percieved as caring about what I do...
So the question then becomes does image and appearance matter?
Yes, it does, it matters a great deal and whether we think it is fair or not, it is what it is, and I am grateful that my ancestors taught me appropriatetness...
Because I see many young people who are so focused on doing their own thing, setting their own standards and not giving in that they are cutting off their noses to spite their faces...many are not getting past a first interview because they look a certain way...others are not even getting an interview because a background check was done and as crazy as it may sound, they are being judged by what they appear as and say on social networks such as twitter, myspace and the like...
Young people it is a very tough, very competitive world out there and it takes more than a skillset to get somewhere...
If you are independently wealthy, dont listen to me, do your thing,
If you planning to never get married and have children and be responsible for anyone,
Do you thing,
If you want to be a Monk and live a monastic life,
You get me,
But if you want a certain amount of success,
Or you have children to feed,
Bills to pay,
Then, oh my, I am going to go out on a limb and say it,
You are going to have to conform to some things,
Carry yourself in a certain way,
Be mindful of the image you present...
You may not like it,
But life is full of stuff we don't like,
But the times comes for all adults,
When we just have to do what is overall the right thing,
Or we will continue to get left behind in droves...