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Monday, November 17, 2008

Put In Work!

One of the most difficult lessons to impart to young people and in some cases,
Not so young is that most things happen in baby steps,
You have to work, plan, save and wait for many things,
Contrary to popular media,
There are very few overnight any things,
Most successful people work and grind until they become good, better, best at what they Do, then they reap the rewards and benefits of putting in work,
I look at a lot of young people, unfortunately young men,
Who have these delusions of grandeur and miss many opportunities,
Wanting to start out at the top,
It does not work that way,
To be a manager, you have to have in most cases been a worker or manager trainee,
To be a Principal, in many cases you had to have been a teacher,
To be a singer, at a minimum you should know how to sing…
You see where I am going…
I see so many, who are unemployed and allowing precious time to run away from them,
While they are waiting for a big break that has passed them by too many times to count,
That job they started on four years ago, would today be that management position,
If only they had hung around, put in work and braved it out,
Now they stand twenty jobs later, knocking on the door of a certain age,
Wondering what the heck happened,
Not understanding that huge part of success is hanging in there,
Not heading for the door every time something does not go the way they want it to,
That is not real grown,
One of the truest signs of grownness, is understanding that sometimes things go our way,
Other times it does not, but to make it or make a difference, we must stay in the fight,
I surely wouldn’t have my sixth book coming out,
If I hadn’t known that everyday is not a good day,
But tomorrow is another day,
And believing in myself and my work and staying the course,
The old cliché about nothing that comes easy is worth having is still real…
I feel when talking to them,
That I am preaching to the choir,
But they had better know, I won’t stop, until at least one of them listens…


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