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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Finding the Goods...

I always try to find what’s good,
In everything…
When I am writing, even when I know my character has mad issues,
I make it my business to balance it with what is good in that person,
My character Brown had serious issues, but he was a good father, took care of his family while in the midst of his issues…
When reading I look for some redeeming characteristic in the bad one,
Sometimes it’s hard to find, especially if they have been written purposely bad…
The same is true when reviewing books,
I try to find something in there that will appeal to the potential reader,
Just because something isn’t my literary cup of tea, doesn’t in any way mean it will not be someone else’s,
When written badly I will say that but will try to temper it with something that works,
The same is true in my real people life,
I will make the effort to see the good in people,
Or to see what makes them beautiful,
Everyone has something… we simply have to make the effort to find it,
Understanding all the time that it doesn’t diminish our worth,
Or beauty to see the worth or beauty in someone else,
And if we can’t find it, relax and let them go…
Yesterday I was rolling through cyberspace…
I do that occasionally when I have a little time on my hands,
Want to see what’s up…
I saw some really cool stuff, laughed a little bit, was touched a few times, and then…
I saw what I call cyber mess,
When I see that I move on past,
For the life of me, I am unable to understand why people take it so seriously,
And are feuding, fighting and being downright goofy…
I love reading excerpts, opinions and participating,
But if I see meanness, pettiness or mess,
Mama is rolling on…
I will not comment, get involved or even tell anyone about it…
Life is too short for that,
It feels like bathing in dirty water,
When a crystal spring is available…
I know this short missive from me won’t change a thing,
But I would ask people to be careful about what they ‘say’…
Because that stuff lives on and on and on….
And often the impression that is left is the OPPOSITE of
What may have been intended...

Love and Blessings,