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Thursday, January 29, 2009

What Was I Thinking!?

Yesterday, I had one of those weird, out of body experiences,
One of those where one questions oneself…you know the ones,
I was sitting at home, proof of RAMBLINGS in hand, and even knowing that the only reason, I had done this at all, with me all up in it, even my face on it was because I had been encouraged to…THANKS ALL…I THINK!
I had to ask me, ‘Ms. A…who in the heck do you think you are, writing a book, filled with you, your opinions, supposed insights and wisdom (sic)…my face got hot, and it wasn’t just hormonal…and when I looked at that picture of myself on the front…oh lord, I saw my mama…wondering if she was thinking, ‘My child, done finally lost her ever-loving mind!...
Anyway, when I got to a meeting last night, and some of my sisters asked me when would it be ready…I cooled off a bit…
Then when I got in church, listening to my Pastor talk about doing what we are blessed to do and supposed to do, it felt like cool, spring water on my face…
So okay, it is hard putting myself out there like that, but heck it is what I am supposed to do, I think…
Well, this morning when I opened my email and saw the paypal emails with ‘you got money…’ I knew for sure at that point,
That what pitiful little I know, have learned or will learn is one of the things I am supposed to share with the world, even if it makes me feel, flushed, nauseous and butt-naked…
We must do, what we must do! Lawd!