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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Love's Profits...

Ask anyone who has ever kept a diary, journal or who loves placing words on paper,
If they love to write, and almost every time the answer will be a resounding,
No one loves writing more than I,
I have always been a writer,
Carrying around a notebook,
Usually a simple bound one,
That I can jot down words in,
The other day I was looking around my home office,
And throughout my bookshelf were journals, notebooks and more journals,
Years of observations, musing and straight up crazy thoughts,
I have passed on that love of the written word to my sons,
You will almost never see one of them without a notebook of some type,
Writing lyrics, screenplays, notes or something…
However, the question these days becomes, does a writer write for love or money,
Most die-hard writers will immediately say,
For love,
And they will be telling the truth,
But the truth also is that when a writer decides to publish their work,
The intent is to get paid for what they have written,
Otherwise why publish,
I have heard many pundits rip authors a new one,
When they discover they have made a ‘commerce’ decision,
Indicating that if they were truly writing for the love of the written word,
It wouldn’t be about money,
It isn’t just about money,
But I kid you not, once the decision to publish is made,
The intent is to get as many people as possible to go into a bookstore,
Online or author’s website and pay to receive a copy of said author’s work,
That is just how it is,
Otherwise we could all write our stories and offer them up for free to everyone,
So the question becomes is it for love or for money,
I will step out on a limb and say, both in most cases,
Most of us go in knowing that as writers,
Mostly we will keep our day jobs or have other sources of income coming in beyond our writing, but we also want to earn something for our efforts,
However, die hard writers, such as myself will continue to write even beyond the days,
When people are paying for what we are writing, because we were writing before anyone was paying,
But we must keep it real, if we decide to publish our work,
The intent is prayerfully that someone will purchase it,
Don’t let anyone tell you any different…