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Friday, March 7, 2008

Rainy Days and Favorite Things...

Today it is raining, and the forecast indicates it's going to rain all day,
I was out of town all last week and working like nobody's business this week
To avoid going in to the office today, after having Friday's off for several years,
It's hard to go in, makes those ten hour days worth it,
Now that we have a deluge of water I can stay home inside,
Enjoying my favorite things,
First up is my coffee,
I love coffee, it's one of my vices, my kids bribe me with starbucks gift cards,
Then my plan is read the newspapers,
With my feet up on my favorite footstool,
I love knowing what's going on around me, gotta stay current,
Periodically I will get up, peeking out the window at all the raindrops,
Falling on my rose bushes,
For those who don't know, I love plants, I have green arms, got it from my mama,
Then I will write two chapters, that's my new thing, two chapters a day when in writing mode,
After that I will pitter around pretending to do some housework, QQ...
While music is playing, today I think I will listen to all Anthony Hamilton's CDs,
Another fave,
I will make a nice lunch for one,
Then read a bit,
Today I am going to start and finish,
Orange Mint and Honey by Carleen Brice,
This will find me tucked in the corner of the sofa with my favorite,
Throw over my legs,
Reading, dozing, thinking, chilling,
Wow, I love rainy days and favorite things,
What are you up to today?
And What are some of your favorite things?