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Angelia Vernon Menchan is an author, publisher and public speaker who owns two publishing companies, MAMM Productions and Honorable Menchan Media. Mrs. Menchan is also a Budget Officer and former Job Corps Counselor. To date she has published twenty-three books of her own work, both fiction and non-fiction and more than eighty ebook novellas on You can access her bibliography on search words: Angelia Vernon Menchan

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Acceptance of Truth!

One of the hardest things to accept is the truth,
I mean the sure enough, downright, no holds barred,
Staring in the mirror at out naked selves truth...
I have had to accept a basic truth,
And that is that I am a grass-roots, writer, author, bookseller,
I knew that going in,
But somehow I allowed inner and outer voices,
Opinions and missiles,
To muddle up my truth,
There is nothing that I love more that standing in a room of people,
Talking about my books,
Or across a kitchen table,
Or in a living room,
Or in a cafe with overpriced wine,
Or at book fairs and festivals,
I love it, am inspired by it and crave it,
And that is how I sell a respectable number of books,
Try as I might,
No matter how much money I throw at other venues,
It somehow doesn't work as well for me,
And the naked truth is that $$$$ books sold is books sold,
I have so many of these kinds of things coming up,
Where people line up over and over to get the latest,
acVernon Menchan, Angelia Vernon Menchan, whoever she is writing as today,
So I have to accept my personal truth,
Honing what works for me,
Keeping my focus on what is Platinum,
For Me...
It is so, that the truth will set us free,
But only if it's our own truth!