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Thursday, December 27, 2007


I am on a rest journey this week...
Another Christmas has passed,
It was wonderful, was with my man, my sons, a new young woman in my son's life...
Time was spent with family on all sides..
Now I am just on the rejuvenation tip...
Wearing old clothes,
Hair askew,
Face shiny with shea butter,
Sitting in a corner on a mass reading journey...
Damn, life is good...
Maybe we will take in a movie or two...
Maybe not...
So while I rest, my love and prayers go out to all of you...


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Friday, December 21, 2007


What makes people get so far from their own reality, they can't see the truth for the lies...
People living so far out of reality, they don't know what's real...
Benzes for seventeen year olds...
Who simply want loving arms around them,
And a mother saying, 'I Love You'...
When did it get to the place where we as Black Folks,
Love our kids with stuff...
We are so consumed with what the neighbors think,
What they say we have and not who we are...
When what we give our kids is based upon what someone else has and not what is in our own hearts...WHAT UP WIT' THAT??? Tell me please, this sister needs to know...
There is no one who loves nice things more than me,
But my understanding is that it's just stuff,
My idea of the perfect holiday, is sitting next to my man,
With my sons coming in and out, eating all the food, I have lovingly prepared,
Having them bring their friends by to partake,
It broke my heart to hear of a young woman who isn't going home,
Because her parents door is closed to her,
Because she doesn't live by superficial standards and lives from her heart,
And their punishment is to reject her at Christmas time,
With the message being it isn't about my love for you...
It's about ME...
Come On People...
Is that what success means,
We are working so hard, acquiring stuff, we can no longer see what's important,
It can't be just that...Can it?

Love, Blessings, and Puzzlement...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

More Music...

My Sister, Gwyneth, is doing old school Thursdays with a holiday twist, she has 'This Christmas' By Donny Hathaway....a personal favorite...and the new school version by Chris Brown...a very nice version as well so stop by take a listen and enjoy...I will be back tomorrow with something witty, I am sure....HOLLA!!! BLESSINGS.....


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Love Music..

I am completely functionless without music,
Right now I am listening to Alicia Keyes, David Hollister, Jill Scott, Amy Winehouse and Isaac Hayes,
What a mix...
Whenever I'm writing a book,
I find myself listening to the same music a lot,
When writing Black's Obsession, Anthony Hamilton was my muse,
While penning Cinnamon's Universe, it was Floetry and Leela James,
Anthony Hamilton again took me through Brown's Possession,
Black's theme song is, "It's not that I don't love you, I just can't stop loving her..."
Stormy Cleveland, Dave Hollister and Kirk Franklin took me through,
I can't remember a time in my life when music wasn't playing somewhere,
Usually in my head,
According to my co-workers, friends and family,
I sing all day long,
Not even aware of it until someone calls it to my attention...
I love music,
Today I am going to get Kirk Franklin, Jahiem and Mary J. Blige,
There will be some nice sounds this week at Casa Menchan,
What are you listening to?

Love and Blessings,

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


It seems that I stand accused,
Me and Isaac Hayes...I know that's Old School, but still one of my all time favorite songs, LAWD...
But I digress,
What I have been accused of is being an incurable romantic,
Not just in my LOVE thang,
But with all the people I love,
It's so funny because most of those same people often tell me how organized and practical I am...
And I am in the right situations,
But I do believe in romancing my peeps,
That includes my man,
My children,
My family and friends,
Remembering birthdays and special days,
And giving little things that say you are special to me,
Just seems to make sense,
I listen to a lot of conversations,
And I hear people say, especially at Christmas time, or anniversaries,
I am not going to get so and so anything,
They don't need anything,
Or they already have everything,
And in most cases I am sure that's true,
But to me the spirit of giving to my peeps has nothing to do,
With what they NEED,
It is more about what I WANT TO DO FOR THEM...
BECAUSE I LOOVVVVVVES THEM...damn I am a romantic!!!
With no reciprocal expectations,
And I don't just mean on holidays,
But any days,
And I will also admit how good it feels when someone does something for me,
One day I came home, tired as a junkyard dog,
And on my porch were a bunch of flowers wrapped in plastic,
Picking them up and sniffing them, I saw a card on them that read,
For a special lady, I love you...
One of my girls, Shay, had stopped by, hadn't heard from her in a while,
Leaving them because I was on her mind and in her heart,
Put the pep back in my step...
One of my favorite CDS in the whole wide world was recorded by my son,
Entitled 'Happy Mother's Day' recorded in 2001, telling me how much he loves and appreciates me,
I listen to it all the time...
There is nothing in the world I love to sip more than Coca-Cola Classic,
Frozen slightly...
And when my man sees my eyes glazing over,
He makes sure there is one nearby,
I know I am a hopeless romantic,
I stand accused....

Love and Blessings,

Monday, December 17, 2007

Embracing the Years...

I am ready for 2008,
2007 has been wonderful,
Many changes,
Some challenges,
And BLESSINGS, galore,
Which has prepared me for the next chapter,
The next year,
The past couple of months have really stretched me,
Forcing me to do what was the right thing for me,
Even when others felt I wasn't necessarily taking the right path,
I think of all my writing,
How in late September having written four books,
With the books selling,
Folks talking about them,
And as pleased as I was about that and what I had done,
I knew the focus of my work had changed,
I had changed,
And what I wanted to get out there more than anything was what I was working on,
Was more than a book, it is a ministry,,,
Never more clear was that was this week having my folks in my church,
Pull the book out and read it in the pews,
Calling me later to talk about it,
Saying how the words had touched them,
That is what this is about for me...
I am sure many have called me foolish,
Thought I was as green as grass in the spring time,
Clueless as could be,
And at points in time they would be absolutely right,
But the truer, truest truth is that when I KNOW,
I have been directed to do something,
No one and nothing can stop me,
Because ultimately I answer to a higher authority,
So I am going to glide on through these last couple of weeks,
Preparing myself for the new year,
And all it will bring...

Bless You,
Angelia Vernon Menchan

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Friday, December 14, 2007

This Christmas...

This is one of the first Christmases, I have barely shopped,
Only eleven days before Christmas and I feel absolutley no stress...
For years, especially when my kids were young,
I was usually done by the first week of December,
Having shopped for months prior,
This year however, I know exactly what I am getting for everyone and starting today,
I will leisurely to out and get it,
Stopping for a nice caramel macchiato when the mood hit,
Or maybe browsing book store aisles leisurely,
When I feel a slight bit tired I am going to come home,
Placing my feet up on my mom's ancient footstool,
Then I am going to venture out again,
I am truly enjoying this laid back approach to this lovely season,
Yesterday, I even stood in the post office with books spilling out of my arms,
Waiting to mail my latest,
And didn't once feel agitated...
I guess that is what PEACE ON EARTH is all about,
So what are you up to in these last shopping days, please share...
Love and Blessings,
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's The Thought...

What do you say when you recieve a gift from someone you love,
Who loves you and it's all wrong,
Do you throw it back at them,
I hope not...
Or do you pretend to love it,
Thinking, 'I would never be caught dead in this mess.'
Or do you regift it to someone else, that you aren't especially fond of,
Praying the person who gave it to you,
Never sees them wearing it?
And I am going to get this out of the way right now...
I truly believe that when you love someone,
Your focus when it comes to gift-giving is something,
They really want and love, and that speaks to who they are...
And it doesn't have to be expensive,
Well thought out cards are a joy to read, from someone who loves you,
I am known in my families and at work as the card-picking Queen,
I will spend hours reading cards and making sure it is tailored to the recipient,
If people only knew how many cards they recieved from other people, chosen by me...
I do the same with gifts,
During the year,
I engage in conversations with people I love,
Feeling them out as to what they want,
And then at birthdays, Christmas,
They get what they want from me.
In reverse,
I make sure the people who love me,
Know what I want,
Simply because I had some years when things hung in my closet,
Or sat on my dresser,
So I learned to let desires slip out,
Everyone knows that books, perfume and coffee are my vices,
So I casually mention titles, fragrance names and there is a starbucks on every corner,
I know shameless hussy,
I get what I want,
They get what they want,
And we have beautiful thoughts,
As we give and recieve....


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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I have struggled with this post for several days,
But since I couldnt shake it, I figured may as well put it out there,
As many of you know, most of my conversations and insights are with and come from young people,
A few days ago one of the young people in my life asked me,
"Why don't poor black folks and middle class black folks get along, even within families."
After swallowing down a lump, I said,
"There are many reasons, with I think FEAR, being one of the bigger ones..."
"Fear of what..." This child was working me....
"Fear of association, fear of judgement, fear of many things. So many middle class Black folks are only a generation and a couple of paychecks from being poor and that is what makes them afraid. Also, when negative images are splayed all over the news it makes them afraid they are going to be associated, thus the disassociation."
"Well, it sure does feel like a dis, most of the time."
"What do you mean?"
"Well at school, the upper girls look down their noses at us, and sometimes when we are out, I see the women look like that at my mom." I felt her pain down to my very bones. "Was it like that when you were young?"
"Not so much, but there were some divisions, but what helped most, was where I grew up we all basically lived in the same neighborhoods, Drs., Lawyers, Funeral home owners, lived a few houses down for postal workers, janitors and maids. So there was more of a sense of community. Now we are more divided by addresses and zip codes so it does appear more divisive."
"What stops you from being like that?"
"Like what?" I knew damn well what she meant, I was stalling.
"All upper-acting."
"Baby, some would say that I am. But the simple truth is that I choose my associates by their hearts and actions not by the size of their houses, the cars they drive or clothes they wear. I tried to raise my kids the same way. Not only that but my family runs the gamut, some have much and always have, others have less and always will, and to disassociate myself would in many ways mean to not be with my family, that isnt an option for me. I will say, however, that I don't tolerate nonsense and don't buy into victimization."
"Oh, okay..."
"What brought this on?"
"I was just thinking about it. I see both sides. I live in the hood, around mostly poor folks, some good, some not so good. At school, I am around more uppers, some good and some not so good. And I know that it's a person by person thing."
"You are absolutely right and as long as you keep that in mind, you should be okay when you become all upper." Smiling at me, she nodded.
Out of the mouths of babes...

Love and Blessings,

Monday, December 10, 2007

Who Is That Lady?

Sometimes I have to ask that question,
And ironically I am asking it about myself...
I wake up in the morning, immediately saying my prayers,
Thankful for another day,
I am a praying lady,
I am in my home with my man,
I am Mench's Lady...
I think about my sons,
And I am that Mama Lady,
Venturing off to work,
I am that Budgeting, Contracting, Personnel, rules and regulations Lady,
Taking a trip back home,
I immediately become that sister, niece, auntie, homegirl Lady,
At church, I am that spiritual, serving Lady,
Talking to my young people, I become that Ms. A, Mama Deep Lady,
Writing women's fiction, I am that acVernon Menchan Lady,
Emerging Women fiction, unleashes the Angelia Vernon Menchan Lady,
So who is that Lady?
What she tries to be is the realest Lady, her own Lady,
Who simply knows she has been blessed,
To be many things through grace, in one eccentric, slightly kooky package,
Knowing everyday is a new day,
To be whatever Lady is necessary...


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Wednesday, December 5, 2007


What does one do when the body talks...
Does one listen...
If something is aching or hurting, you betta listen...
But this is a different kind of body talk...
It's about the gut...
My gut has almost never led me astray...
My heart has gotten me in a mess or two...
My head has even lied to me on ocassion,
But my gut....
Honey, that thing is right on time...
Do I always listen?
And the times I haven't I have had to pay...
I think about almost two years ago when I decided to expose my work to the world,
I joined a few groups,
'Met' some people,
And every single time my gut told me when I was in a 'Situation'
When the gut said yes...I never missed...
When it roiled and rumbled, screaming NO!!!
But, when I didn't, I paid and paid dearly, sometimes,
Being the me I am, I tossed it up to,
"A bought lesson is the best kind"
NOW I know, in this game when my Gut speaks,
I treat it like E.F. Hutton,
I listen...
There just is no sense in paying for the same lessons,
Over and over again...


Saturday, December 1, 2007

On The Exhale

I have finally reached a point of exhaling,
For the past two years I have been burning the candle on both sides and through the middle,
I am going to chill, well in the abstract I am,
My new book, IS NO NOT CLEAR ENOUGH FOR YOU? is finally done,
This book took it out of me and took me all the way to the release date to complete it,
Which technically means for the first time, I'm a bit behind on best-laid plans,
And am okay with it,
Now let me tell you, there were some moments when I wanted to throw in the towel,
Declaring that I didn't need this mess,
I must have sent that baby back a zillion (five) times for revision,
I sweated, swore and allowed tears of frustration to run down my face,
But what kept me shored up, was my man telling me,
"Baby, you know what this is. This is your best work and the one that will mean the most, so you know stuff is going to get in your way."
I walked away from and hung up the phone on him more than once,
My prayer buddy at work told me the same thing, my eyes rolled at her a time or two,
But something happened to me on Tuesday, I relaxed,
Knowing that the book wouldn't be in my hand or on the relevant sights by Saturday,
But I was done sweating it,
I sat down went through it again,
Page by Page, line by line,
Then I went to bed,
Woke up and sent it straight away to the distributor,
Went about my business,
Never checking,
And no longer tripping,
Yesterday, one day before the deadline, it was finally in the proper form,
So, now I simply have to prepare to do the other work,
I am ready!!!


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