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Thursday, February 19, 2009


One of my favorite phrase of all time is;
That means so many different things and sounds so simple but it isn’t,
Because how one handles one’s business determines much…
Last night, riding home from church, I checked my ever present phone,
I have blackberry issues, but that’s another blog for another day…
I wanted to know if I had heard from my son and daughter in law,
The baby is overdue,
And one of my mentees had gone for a funeral,
And I was mad concerned about her,
But with both these young people,
I could rest in the comfort of knowing if there was something I needed to do,
They would tell me, because, they are business handlers,
For real, for real,
Yesterday, I checked my email and there was a request from a local college,
And letter of recommendation was needed,
Another one of my mentees was enrolling,
And had not even had to ask me to do it,
She knew that if she handled her business,
I would handle mine,
On the other hand I watch all these young people,
With so much potential and so talented,
Allow business to handle them instead of the other way around,
And they gravitate from pillar to post,
Job to job,
Relationship to relationship and it saddens me,
Because one of the sure fire ways to have something sustainable is to hang in there,
God’s biggest blessings are reaped in the going through,
Every job is not a great job,
But if it feeds, clothes and shelters you and no one is harming you,
Then the job has handled it’s business,
The same is true of relationships,
If you bring yourself to it,
And someone else brings themselves to it,
Then there is sure to be stuff,
Because that is what happens when people mix it up,
Some days it’s so good you can die,
Other days, you want to kill,
But the real is that it takes much business handling to make a thing work,
And if one wants it then business handle they will…
A young person who had never been to college and wasn’t going once asked me the recipe for success…
I told her this,
Get a job, any job,
Show up on time, keep your skills sharp, be respectful and presentable,
Work as though your life depended on it and you will be amazed what can happen,
Also only purchase things you can afford as you can afford them,
Save your money with your eye on the future, while occasionally treating yourself,
Don’t mire yourself down in debt, cause the Jones’ probably had to start somewhere also,
Don’t have children before you can properly care for them,
When looking for a partner,
Find someone of like mind who is as interested in you as you are in them,
And who is about business handling as well…
And who will work with you,
And struggle with you
And reap with you…
While keeping God in charge of it all,
It is amazing how successful you will ultimately be,
And all you did was handle your business…

Love, Peace and Blessings!