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Friday, April 25, 2008

The Newness!

I love discovering new artists,
It is a joy when I can peel back the pages of a book and discover new words from a new voice,
Or open a CD and feel myself floating away wrapped up in the melodies of a new singer,
I remember eight years ago, I attended Much Ado About Books, here in Jacksonville,
Colin Channer was one of the Authors, I purchased, Waiting In Vain,
I didn't get to it for a couple of months, because I had books galore,
But a couple months later, my mom was having surgery and I sat reading it, for hours,
And he took me away, gaining a fan for life, forever and ever,
The same thing happened last year, one of my APOOO sisters told me about a writer,
Named Kwame Dawes, I ordered his book, She's Gone, discovered he was associated with,
Colin, still it took me a couple weeks to get to it, found myself in Oklahoma in a vicious rainstorm, sat down to read a few pages and was mesmerized for hours, thanks Dera...
A couple of months ago, I was in Starbucks, getting my early morning infusion of caffeine, also was splurging on lemon poundcake,
As I waited my turn, I browsed through the CDs, say a CD by Lizz Wright, entitled,
The Orchard...decided to purchase it...
Well let me tell you, that young sister's voice is absolutely amazing,
I have allowed everyone to listen to it,
And everyday when I get to my office,
After I do some spiritual reading, preparing for my day,
I press play, allowing Ms. Wright take me through the day,
Wow I love the Newness,
Discovering New Talent and telling folks about,
Who and What have you discovered,
And have you told anyone about it?

Have a Wonderful Weekend,
Love and Blessings,