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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mentored Mentor...

Yesterday, I had made the decision to stay home all day, do nothing,
No book signings, no discussions, no shopping, no nothing,
Just stay at home, reading, resting, and it was a good day for it,
The weather was in the 20s and I know that may not be as cold as some places,
But for Floridians, it is COLD,
Anyway I knew one of my mentees, was coming by, Shaneika, Sha to me,
She had told me she would,
She has been in my life for almost four years and I love her,
And am proud of her, she personifies, Young Black Woman to me,
Smart, funny, hardworking, loving...honest,
When she arrived she had lunch for Madame, that is what she calls me,
She brought me a chicken salad and a red velvet cupcake,
We sat, eating, laughing talking, enjoying each other,
Then she asked if she could sing a song she had written,
I said of course, I knew she could play several instruments, but I had never,
Heard her sing,
Well, when she got back in with her guitar,
She played and sang,
I had to call my husband on the phone so he could hear her,
I was so touched and so proud,
And then we started to talk,
This time it wasnt just her talking, but me,
I talked to her so honestly, openly and freely,
Something the mentors of the world don't get to do all that often,
AND she listened,
And then told me her very wise and astute opinions on what we had talked about,
She was so on point,
And I felt so grateful to that almost twenty-one year old,
For mentoring her mentor...
I love her, she loves me...she is my daughter who I didn't give birth to...
For the next hour or so we sat pretty quietly,
She and I were tapping on our phones,
Texting people,
We both found that funny,
When she left, I thanked her, wrapping my arms around her,
She smiled, waving as she left...
I am blessed to have her...

Love and Blessings!