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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Write or Die Woman!

I love to write, love it, I guess if you are reading this,
My love for writing is pretty clear,
But even more I love having feedback and engaging in conversations about my work,
Yesterday, a friend told me her fiancĂ© was done with my book, loved it and wanted to talk to me about it, I can’t wait…I really want to hear the upper-middle class white male view of SCHAE’S STORY…that will be a first…can’t wait to tell ya’ll what he says…
On Friday, I spoke to my aunt and she told me how proud she was of my stories,
She told me that I wrote about real life…and she appreciated that…
My throat was swollen, because for me that was my mother’s voice through her,
My mom has been gone for over six years and never saw any of my books in print,
And I have always visualized taking her with me to book signings,
I can see her now, in a red pantsuit, with her honey golden skin and bright silver ‘fro, saying,,,’That’s my Angi!”
Then to further let me know I was on the right track, last night as I was preparing for bed, I checked my phone and there were two emails about SCHAE’S STORY…
One told me how much she was enjoying it and talked about my ‘men’…
When I write about brothers, my goal is always, no matter how flawed they are to make them human, real men, men who are about something, I know those brothers and if no one will tell their stories, I sure will…
Another reader thanked me for writing a story she really enjoyed and also let me know that some of what I wrote was helpful to her…that is as good as it gets…
I am so grateful,
To be able to do something I truly, truly love,
And to have people embrace it and be willing to share that with me…