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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


A few weeks ago an email went out asking participants in a group, how many social networks they participated, in…
Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
One woman, a popular romance novelist, immediately said none,
She indicated that she was in a few writing groups but beyond that she found the others to be time-wasters…
For awhile I was concerned about her safety, because folks get rabid about their socializing…
I honestly admitted that I had a presence on Myspace,
But rarely ventured over there,
Never quite got it…socially unskilled I guess,
I do have a slightly larger presence on Facebook
Periodically I post something,
And I respond to those things that appeal to me,
Rarely do I play the games or quizzes,
Not really my thing,
But it’s cool,
I also twitter,
Find it funny to post little viginettes,
And a way to small talk with those people I know,
Or respond when something tickles me or catches my interest,
But by no means am I one of those people who tweet all day,
Or respond to every tweet or follow everyone or get twisted about who follows me,
Maybe I should, but I don’t,
Which is what brought me to this,
Someone told me in no uncertain terms that they were going to un-follow me,
I was unsure how to respond,
So I said,
Didn’t even ask why,
I am sure they had their reasons,
I have un-followed someone,
But didn’t feel the need to say anything,
They were tweeting a lot of misogynistic and sexual stuff,
And I just wasn’t interested in reading all that,
So I stopped following ‘em…
End of story…
Maybe I am lacking in a certain set of social skills,
But it seems to me we get way too serious and twisted about,
Oh yeah, I am going to say it,
Simple stuff…
There are greater issues and bigger goings on,
If only we were as passionate about them…