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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's Going ON?

It has been a bit over three years since I first published a book,
And since I entered cyberspace, so to speak,
Joining groups, talking books, making connections,
And maybe I am missing something,
But it seems to me with all the avenues we have,
Twittering, facebooking, spacing, et al,
Many people are dropping out of the game,
Or they are simply going on to advertise or get information,
And they get out as quickly as possible,
I wonder what happened,
I can remember times when my emails would be overwhelming,
I just couldn’t keep up with the posts,
I wonder is it because people are restless and move on to the next thing?
Or is it because in many cases, it just doesn’t work the way they thought it would?
I am unsure, because I never really sold out completely to it,
I utilized it to a certain extent,
But it was a lot like reading ebooks,
It is okay in a pinch, but I need a book in my hand to treasure the experience,
And that is how I built up my base of readers,
I got out there, traveling around,
Giving away books and building up a following of interested readers,
Because I figured out pretty quickly that,
Most of us in groups were trying to do the same thing,
Sell our wares,
Which meant, in most cases,
There were more sellers than buyers,
Also, I have been reading that the high drama quotient,
Have made people drop out and move on,
Life is hard enough in reality,
Than to have to deal with unnecessary stuff…
So what is really going on?
Where is everyone these days?