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Angelia Vernon Menchan is an author, publisher and public speaker who owns two publishing companies, MAMM Productions and Honorable Menchan Media. Mrs. Menchan is also a Budget Officer and former Job Corps Counselor. To date she has published twenty-three books of her own work, both fiction and non-fiction and more than eighty ebook novellas on You can access her bibliography on search words: Angelia Vernon Menchan

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Saturday, October 6, 2007


I'm coming out, I want the world to know, got to let it show, no my people I am not trying to plagiarize Ms. Ross...
I'm sure there are a few saying, 'I knew it, I read her books, I knew it...' Giggling...
First let me say, I am a chameleon,
Traveling the world for twenty-one years I had a new career every two-three years,
It was a necessity...
Arrive at new place...take a few courses...get a new hard...get a promotion or two...
Move on...loved it...
Some see my dress style and say, 'She sure is conservative...'
See me in a different place and say, 'Oh my God the conservative is ocassionally a Bohemian'
Well...I am a conservative, bohemian, eclectic something or the other...
Guess that's why I am still married, my man is married to so many women, all in one body...
But the coming out I'm talking about, speaking to, expounding upon has to do with my writing,
When I started writing and sending out short stories in 2004, they went out as Angelia...
When I decided to publish books I became acVernon Menchan,
That name is who I am, ac are given names, Vernon-maiden name, Menchan-married name,
I told myself it was a way to honor everyone,
The truer truth is it was a way to hide in plain sight,
I know a lot of people...
A lot of people...
And there was something in me that needed anonymity when I started writing,
While that pen name INDICATED who I was I could go in and out,
I remember a couple months ago I was doing a signing, reading and there was an ad that ran in my hometown newspaper almost two weeks,
People were calling aroung wondering who the local author was,
They knew the names separate, but couldn't make sense of them together...
Once I decided to write YA fiction though, I knew I would come all the way out,
Because in order to do what I was planning to do,
In the way I was planning to do it,
I could not hide, in plain sight or otherwise,
I would have to represent fully who I am,
What I am about,
Where I have been,
Where I am,
Where I am going and,
How I got here,
And how I am going to get there,
And I am ready to do that,
Because as I told my friend last week,
I had to know it was the WRITE stuff,
And mother had to make sure she was driving the right vehicle...
So ladies and gentleman...
I will stand and say...
I am Angelia Vernon Menchan, and I am preparing to present to the world,
Young Adult fiction as it is coined by the industry,
As you know I have my own name for it,
I am writing, 'Ageless Fiction'...
Until the next reinvention...

Love and Blessings,