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Friday, September 5, 2008

Expect Nothing...

One of the rules of the road,
Be it in love relationships or friendships,
Is to expect nothing from someone, that you aren't willing to do...
I try really hard not to have expectations of anyone but myself,
Even of my children,
I raised them, got them educated and it is now their responsibility to live up to,
Their own expectations,
Because what would I be as a mother, a person,
If the only time I was pleased with my kids was when they were doing what I wanted them to do,
Even if it went against what they were about...
Or as a wife or as a friend,
People always ask how I have stayed married so long,
After I tell them it was with much love, prayer and compromise,
I also tell them that I knew the man I was getting and he knew me,
And our mission has not been to remake the other,
God made us and to cohabit, we had better know that what we get,
Is what we get and to be glad in it...
The same is true where my friends are concerned,
In a friend I want someone to talk to, laugh with, cry with,
And when needed to give it to me 'Straight no Chaser",
And I want to be the same in kind,
But I have no expectations,
Of who else they should be friends with,
Or what their politics are,
Or who they love,
Matters not a twit,
Because our thing is our thing,
And their other things are their business,
What's cool though, is when nothing is expected,
But much is gained, reciprocally...

Love and Peace,

Schae's Story: A Woman's Transformation