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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Writing...A LOVE THANG!

Writing for me is a Love Thang, for real...I could write all day and half the night and never run out of stuff to write about, I guess it's because I am a listener, observer, with spongelike tendencies...soaking up everything going around, knowing it has the potential to become a story or part of a story...
The other day, I was sitting in my office party at lunch, it was the day after the release of Schae's Story and I was tired, a good tired...had been mailing for days with more orders to go and my co-worker told me I looked tired but happy...smiling, I noted it was a good observation...
I was then asked how do I do it all...wife, mentor, job, writer, publisher, et al.
I said, succinctly, 'Writing and promoting my work is a love thang, I have had lots of jobs and careers, some have been better than others...but this is my thing...the contribution I have to offer, that brings immense satisfaction....
The next day, I was standing in the doorway of another co-worker and she asked, why did I ship books for free....I told her it was pretty simple, after printing the book, contributing to my charity of choice and mailing the books, I still make a nice profit, and if I can give something small, such as free shipping to those who have supported me, then more the better...she looked sceptical...and I explained to her my hands open theory, which is this....
"A HAND OPEN IN GIVING IS NEVER EMPTY...THE MORE THAT IS GIVEN, THE MORE THAT IS GOTTEN..." She smiled at me, shaking her head at my weirdness...I could literally read her mind, 'That's our Angelia, just as spacey as she can be...' It is what it is...but one thing I know for sure is this...'We all need a LOVE THANG or two'...


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